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Brian Donnelly is a Vice President of Willis Towers Watson's Human Capital Practice located in Chicago, where he applies management frameworks and analytic rigor to provide proactive and actionable insights into multi-year health and welfare benefit solutions.

The new HR paradigm: Breaking down traditional silos of risk and human capital

There would need to be a perfect storm or a revolution of sorts. That is the type of answer I would expect if I asked what would be needed to marry workers compensation, safety and health benefits on a large … Continue reading →

The drones in your human capital strategy

Dire predictions that humans will be replaced by machines in the workplace continue to make headlines. Drones are delivering packages to your doorstep. The manufacturing, automotive and healthcare industries are already highly automated in many countries, and technology companies are … Continue reading →

7 ways to integrate leave management into your human capital strategy


How many times have you heard the term integration in the realm of leave management? We have tried to integrate our disability, wellness, condition management, workers compensation, safety and other leave programs with little success over the years. There always … Continue reading →

Research: 6 Guiding Principles of Motivation to Change Behavior

carrot motivation

Best practices around sustained motivation tell us that we need to think holistically to help employees form new habits and control their lives. There is a ton of research in this area that can be distilled into a few guiding principles. Continue reading →

Transforming Wellness Behaviors: The Buzz on Employee Engagement


You know that moment when your favorite sports team came alive and, even though they were down in points, you just knew they were going to win? Or when your favorite band started to get popular? Whether we think it … Continue reading →

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El nuevo paradigma de RRHH: Romper los silos tradicionales de riesgo y capital humano

“Tendría que haber una tormenta o una especie de revolución”. Este es el tipo de respuesta que yo esperaría si preguntara qué sería necesario para juntar ARL, seguridad y salud en una gran escala. Sigue Leyendo →

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Les drones dans votre stratégie de ressources humaines

Les sombres prédictions selon lesquelles les êtres humains seront remplacés par les machines sur le lieu de travail continuent à faire les gros titres. Des drones livrent vos colis à votre porte. Les secteurs de la fabrication, de l’automobile et … Pour lire la suite →