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Christopher Keegan

Christopher is Willis' national resource for Cyber and Errors and Omissions insurance coverage focusing on placements and advice on media, technology, network and privacy risks. In his career he has worked on corporate disputes, financial institution crime, professional liability claims and reinsurance arbitrations and advised upon on risks faced by financial institutions, tech companies and other businesses as a result of the rise of technology.

U.S. Proposes Cyber Security Standards but Adoption Remains the Wildcard

The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) recently published their latest draft of the preliminary cybersecurity framework—a set of voluntary standards that companies can adopt to boost cyber security. The draft framework, which NIST was directed to develop by the … Continue reading →

EU beating CA in the Data Protection Stakes? No Way Dude.

European Data Protection

In seemingly never-ending “Beat My Data Protection Law” match, the EU is debating a proposal for comprehensive reform of the existing EU data protection framework which will apply across all 27 EU Member States.  This is a Regulation not just … Continue reading →

Cyber Risks: The Warnings are There, Now it is Time to Act

Cyber Crime

Companies are still not dedicating enough time to developing their cyber risk mitigation strategies according to a recent report by the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA). Despite 76% of respondents stating that information security and privacy had become … Continue reading →

Our Scariest Financial Services Risk – Cyber Terrorism: Zuccoti or Iranian

Scariest Risks

Our financial systems come to a halt because no one can trust the numbers in the computer systems that tell us how healthy financial institutions are, or what trades they have done for the last three months—and the Fed pumping … Continue reading →

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Riscos cibernéticos: Os avisos estão lá, Agora é hora de agir

Cyber Crime

Empresas ainda não estão dedicando tempos suficientes para desenvolver suas estratégias de mitigação de riscos cibernéticos, de acordo com um relatório recente da Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA). Apesar de 76% dos entrevistados afirmando que a segurança da … Continuar lendo →