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David Reynolds

David is an Executive Director in Willis' Global Markets International in London, where he advises large national and international clients in the power generation and utilities industry on risk management and insurance. With more than 30 years' experience, he specializes in property damage and business interruption.

Spotlight on Cyber – Cyber Attacks Already Target Global Power Infrastructure

World Cyber Risk

There are examples in recent years of cyber attacks on the power industry. Continue reading →

Our Scariest Power & Utilities Risk – Climate Change Regulation

Scariest Risks

The power generation sector is a significant source of carbon emissions, which governments worldwide are trying to reduce in order to forestall climate change. Continue reading →

Are the Lights About to go Out in Britain?

Transmission Lines in Sunset

A report issued recently by the UK energy regulator Ofgem predicted that the UK may run short of electricity-generating capacity by the winter of 2015/16.  In this respect the UK is in good company, with power shortages being forecast or … Continue reading →

Emerging Power & Utilities Risk of 2012

Emerging risks in the power sector usually seem to revolve around the introduction of new technologies, or changes in regulation or the complex contractual and trading arrangements seen in many power markets. Continue reading →

Willis Power Market Review – The Year of the Cat

Despite a spate of cat losses, Willis' latest Power Market Review finds that the insurance market is well capitalized with no signs of price increases. Continue reading →

T&D Cover – Gone With The Wind?

The power sector's transmission and distribution networks (T&D) are exposed to European winter storms, but meaningful levels of T&D insurance is hard to find. Continue reading →

Scariest Power Risk: Blackout Britain

As aging power plants are closed, the margin of generating capacity in the UK over demand, could fall to as little as 5% by 2018. Continue reading →

The Next Hard Power Market

According to the book of Ecclesiastes, “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun”. Yet every generation tends to think that the challenges it faces have never … Continue reading →