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David is an Executive Vice President & North America Practice Leader for Willis Life Sciences, based in Radnor, Pennsylvania. He has over 17 years experience in insurance for the biotechnology and life sciences industries. He serves on the Board of the American Type Culture Collection, is a member of the Arthritis Foundation’s National Board of Trustees and is on the editorial board of the Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Report.

Terminated Clinical Trial Results in Hospital Law Suit

blood samples

Recently, an Illinois appellate court determined that a law suit brought as a result of a terminated trial has grounds for recovery under a hospital professional liability policy.  This decision has serious risk management implications. Continue reading →

Spotlight on Cyber – Medical Device Hackers: Fact or Fiction?

World Cyber Risk

In a popular television series, a terrorist hacks into the Vice President’s pacemaker software causing it to malfunction and kill him.  Is this a real risk, or are we just watching too much television? Well, several government officials are taking … Continue reading →

Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Product Recalls – What Role for Insurance?

Pill Bottles

Anybody who tracks medical device and pharmaceutical FDA recalls knows that these occur with some regularity and that some of the recalls are necessary to prevent serious life threatening injuries. A product recall can be potentially devastating for the product … Continue reading →

Sovereign Immunity: The Medieval Concept With Modern Risks for Science

Vaccine Vials

In the United States, when a drug or medical device company conducts its human clinical trials at a government-owned facility, it may be stepping back in time where indemnification is concerned. This is because state or federal medical facilities fall … Continue reading →

Emerging Life Science Risk of 2013: “No fault” Clinical Trials

Emerging Risks

The new drug and medical device discovery process necessarily requires human clinical trials. Continue reading →

Unique to Life Science Companies: Loss of Non-Damaged Property

Pallets of New Product

Life science companies face a unique and significant property loss potential that is not covered by a traditional property insurance policy. Continue reading →

Hidden Risks of Hospital Clinical Research

Dropper Into Vial

Hospitals can benefit from conducting clinical research in their facilities, but failure to identify and handle the risk exposures this research creates can cost millions of dollars. Continue reading →

Emerging Life Sciences Risk of 2012

Emerging Risk

Outside the U.S., many regulators are requiring trial sponsors to compensate clinical trial participants for injuries sustained during participation in a trial. Continue reading →