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Deana E. Allen is Senior Vice President of the Willis Towers Watson National Health Care Practice, based in Atlanta. Deana supports Willis Towers Watson clients and the Willis Towers Watson Healthcare Network of over 300 dedicated medical liability professionals throughout the world.  Her health care career has included nursing degrees, CPHRM, AIC, ARM credentials, and industry leadership roles within health systems, insurance carriers and insurance brokerage.

What Businesses Need to Know About the Zika Virus

It can be scary when we learn of a new health threat. The best thing we can do is take the time to learn about the threat, how it may potentially affect us, how it can be prevented and how … Continue reading →

World AIDS Day: The Time to Act Is Now

December 1st is World AIDS Day, an opportunity for people to raise awareness about HIV and help the world move closer to the goal of an AIDS-free generation. This year’s theme, “The Time to Act Is Now,” calls us to … Continue reading →

Our Scariest Health Care Risk – Ebola Outbreak

Scariest risks 2014

I remember back to the simple days of being a hobo, or a clown or our favorite cartoon character for Halloween, wearing those claustrophobic plastic masks that never kept the eye holes where you could see (Casper the Friendly Ghost- … Continue reading →

Ebola Reveals Weaknesses in Provider Preparedness

quarantine travel

The world is in the midst of an officially declared public health emergency with the Ebola outbreak. Unfortunately the world has also discovered that—though we (health care) train and educate and write detailed disaster response plans—to date there have been … Continue reading →

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O que as empresas precisam saber sobre o Zika vírus

Na última segunda-feira, 1 de fevereiro, a Organização Mundial da Saúde convocou uma reunião de emergência para determinar como o Zika vírus deve ser tratado em âmbito global. O comitê definiu o problema como uma emergência de saúde pública internacional. Parece … Continuar lendo →

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Lo Que las Empresas Deben Saber Sobre el Virus del Zika

El enterarnos de una nueva amenaza para la salud puede dar mucho miedo. Lo mejor que podemos hacer es tomarnos el tiempo para aprender acerca de la amenaza, la forma en que potencialmente puede afectarnos, cómo se puede prevenir y … Sigue Leyendo →