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Dominic Wheatley

Dominic is the Chief Marketing Officer of the Willis Global Captive practice (Europe) and Managing Director of Willis’ Guernsey captive management operation where he is based. He is also Chairman of the Guernsey International Business Association. He joined Willis in 1995 and has extensive experience in the establishment and management of captives and niche insurance companies, underwriting a diverse range of corporate risks and third-party or customer insurances.

Independent Manager vs Broker Manager: An Old Chestnut Revisited

making the right choice

Ten years ago I wrote an article in which I commented on the debate (topical at that time) regarding the independence of brokers and captive managers.  Ten years on the debate remains but the issues have moved on.  Captive managers … Continue reading →

Emerging Captive Insurance Risk of 2012

In this increasingly regulated world, the emerging risks vexing captive owners are not just those insured by the captive but those inherent in its operation. Some of these are already well established with solutions emerging, including the challenges of Solvency … Continue reading →

Scariest Captives Insurance Risk: Solvency II

Scary stuff this Solvency II! Especially if you’ve got a captive in the EU or trading into it. But hold on, let’s not get carried away. Continue reading →