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George Haitsch

George is Executive Vice President and Practice Leader of Willis Global Solutions – North America, based in our New York office. With the company since 2010, he is responsible for multi-national and international risk management for Fortune 500 and equivalent North American clients.

Does Africa Remain a Top Emerging Opportunity for Business?

Africa in Nutshell

Does Africa remain a top emerging opportunity for business? Where are the next BRIC opportunities? Are corporations ready? Are Ebola and Boko Haram deal breakers? Continue reading →

Managing Risk in a Post-WWI World

It is fascinating as we mark the one hundredth anniversary of the start of World War I to view the impact of that massive historical event through the filter of modern multinational corporations.  So much of the current global instability … Continue reading →

What Effect Will the Kidnapping Have on Nigeria?

The eyes of the world are on Nigeria, as Boko Haram’s kidnapping of nearly 300 schoolgirls unites the world in condemnation—even revulsion. But if that terrorist group thought their crime would derail Nigeria’s progress toward modernization and prosperity, they seriously … Continue reading →

When 25% of the Top 500 Multinational Corporations are in Emerging Economies

top 500 multinational corporations

The World Economic Forum’s Outlook on the Global Agenda 2014 provided one of the more interesting numbers in international business recently:  Firms in emerging economies accounted for 25% of the top 500 multinational corporations in 2012, with 127 out of … Continue reading →

The Downside of Globalization – Considering Risk in an Interconnected World

World-Connected Risk

2013 was an exciting year for us, as Willis became an active member of the World Economic Forum. Participation in some of their key events and interaction with the thought leadership in this organization has been a personal highlight for … Continue reading →

Bangladesh Tragedies: Beyond Reputational Risk

Reuters: Bangladesh Garment Factory Disaster - rescue efforts

The series of tragic events over the past 6 months in the troubled Bangladeshi garment industry truly highlight the need for a thoughtful evaluation of brand risk, public relations strategy, corporate disaster / crisis management planning and flat-out business ethics … Continue reading →

Video – The Buzz from RIMS: Global Risks, Global Response

Haitsch interview at RIMS 2013

From the floor at RIMS in Los Angeles last week, I spoke with Colleen McCarthy about the big risks on the minds risk managers: from the natural catastrophes that dominated 2012 to the horrific blasts that recently rocked the Boston … Continue reading →

Natural and Cyber Catastrophes Bring Reputational Risk to the Fore

Sandbags for Flood

Risks associated with a company’s corporate reputation are evolving as a major topic of conversation and concern among risk managers. Continue reading →

Prepare for the Next Emerging Markets

If the first round of massive and rapid globalization produced four juggernauts of economic development that most companies were desperate to tap into and at times struggled to manage, shouldn’t more attention be paid NOW to round two? Continue reading →

Emerging Global Risk of 2013: Missing out on BRICS 2

Emerging Risks

The emerging risk for global business in 2013 is the risk of missing out on the next emerging markets. Continue reading →