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Increase your cyber IQ with the alphabet of cyber protection

Ransomware attacks, such as WannaCry and Petya, have captured the headlines over the past several months. It was recently announced publicly that a mega cable network was hit with a ransomware incident when hackers released a trove of stolen files online, … Continue reading →

Demystifying social media for broker-dealers: 6 updates to FINRA guidance

Keeping up with the pace of change in social media is difficult for everyone. For broker-dealers, remaining in compliance with regulatory guidance is particularly difficult. Customers are constantly demanding more and more channels for online communication. Conforming to regulatory record-keeping … Continue reading →

Cracking the code: Using performance management to better retain and engage millennials

Employee retention is critical for the success of any organization. Retaining millennial employees, a group who has almost become synonymous with turnover, has become a hot topic for many of our clients as our recent research shows that cost of … Continue reading →

Title VII and sex discrimination…where will it end up?

“Sex discrimination” – what does that mean? Sounds simple, right? Discrimination against an individual because of their sex. But what does “because of their sex” mean? And what exactly is protected pursuant to Title VII? Those are the questions that … Continue reading →

Following up: U.S. health care debate

With the July 28 defeat of health care reform legislation on the Senate floor, the ACA remains in effect. However, the political uncertainty surrounding the law continues. So, as policymakers determine their next steps, here are a few points for … Continue reading →

Highlights from the ACORD Insurance Innovation Challenge (Semifinals)

Those who deal with insurance or reinsurance, and even those removed from it, are immediately aware of how far behind the industry is in terms of the technology that is used to support and facilitate the companies working in this … Continue reading →

Where is the SEC headed on CEO pay ratio and other compensation-related issues?

As companies continue to hope the CEO pay ratio disclosure effective date for 2018 proxies will be delayed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), here are the latest clues we have on the agency’s direction. First, the SEC recently … Continue reading →

Employers can’t ask about salary history any more. So, what now?

Pay equity continues to be a hot topic: shareholder activist groups, politicians, and Hollywood stars are talking about it. For a number of companies, it’s deeply embedded in their external brand. Equal pay has been under the regulatory spotlight for … Continue reading →

Will new accounting rules ASC 600 and IFRS 15 impact your sales incentive plans?

If you’re responsible for, or involved with your company’s sales incentive plan (SIP), then you’re used to dealing with issues like whether the plan is properly aligned with the company’s strategy, or whether it’s driving the right behaviors. You’re also … Continue reading →

Solvency II makes M&A harder – Educated guesswork isn’t good enough

close up of employees hands pointing to papers with charts. Laptops, tablets and phones are displayed on the table

Sellers of life insurance portfolios have to meet buyers’ growing expectations for understanding the capital implications of a transaction in advance of a deal. Two overriding issues have shaped mergers and acquisition (M&A) activity in the European life insurance market … Continue reading →

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A Indústria de Resseguros da Nova Zelândia sente os Abalos Secundários dos Terremotos

Os neozelandeses esperam ansiosos por um feriado depois de um ano tumultuado, cheio de altos e baixos, desde a vitória dos All Blacks na Copa Mundial de Rugby até o devastador terremoto de magnitude 6.3 que abalou a cidade de Christchurch em fevereiro de 2011. Continuar lendo →

O custo para a Costa pode ser maior que o do Titanic

As apólices de seguro que os consumidores contratam para suas casas, carros, vidas e outros riscos, tais como os que eles podem enfrentar durante as férias, são estabelecidas de acordo com a probabilidade que importantes catástrofes – sejam elas causadas … Continuar lendo →

Brasil: Apesar da retração econômica, mercado de seguros tende a crescer

No momento, não há como falar em desaquecimento no setor de seguros do Brasil. Apesar da trajetória de desaleceração, o PIB (Produto Interno Bruto) cresceu no primeiro trimestre de 2012 em relação ao último trimestre de 2011 e se comparado … Continuar lendo →

Segurança do Trabalhador: Lidando com uma força de trabalho que está envelhecendo

O tumulto financeiro mundial dos últimos anos teve um enorme, e frequentemente negativo, impacto nas contas de aposentadoria dos trabalhadores. Novas tendências indicam que muitos trabalhadores sentem uma correspondente necessidade de continuar trabalhando e postergar a aposentadoria. De fato, os estudos … Continuar lendo →

Entendendo as Catástrofes

As recentes catástrofes naturais e as causadas pelo homem estão exigindo que o negócio recalibre o risco. Isto porque, em toda nossa volta, os ‘piores casos’ estão sendo superados. O terremoto do Japão tem reverberações tanto em edifícios em Tóquio como … Continuar lendo →