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Emerging Mining Risk of 2013: Cost Containment and Control in the Mining Sector

Emerging Risks

The “strike contagion” following the tragic events in South Africa in 2012 is a clear indicator of the employment cost pressures mining groups are facing across many countries around the world. Continue reading →

Prepare Your Business for the Worst Flu Season in a Decade

Across the United States, businesses and households are scrambling to respond to the challenges posed by this years’ influenza outbreak.  While the impact on mortality has been held in check by the advances science has made in vaccinations and post-exposure … Continue reading →

Australian Bushfires: “Dome of Heat” Breaks Temperature Records: Initial Costs Counted


Large parts of central and southern Australia are suffering from a persistent heatwave that has caused catastrophic bushfires across Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria. They are the worst bushfires to affect the area since ‘Black Saturday’ in 2009, which … Continue reading →

With Santa Watching, How Will Employees Behave?

It is that time of year, when kids begin to put together their Christmas list and parents start to remind them that Santa is watching.  So this makes me wonder, since performance management starts at such an early age, why … Continue reading →

Insurance Tips for the Holidays

Whether you are enjoying the winter season at home with family and friends or vacationing abroad, it is important to consider the inherent risks around the holiday season. Many of us get caught up in the holiday spirit and do … Continue reading →

Political Risk: No Man is an Island

No Man Is An Island

One of the interesting if unexpected consequences of the global economic crisis is the effect it has had on the English language.  The expression ‘contagion risk’, once the preserve of the medical industry, is now frequently used when discussing the … Continue reading →

How to Keep Cyber Incidents From Ruining Your Holiday Season

Cyber Holiday

The loss of even a single day’s business to a cyber-incident can be costly enough, but if it occurs during the holiday season—when you might expect to take in  70% of your annual revenue—it can be ruinous. So as we … Continue reading →

Kids Away At College? Auto Insurance Discount is One Way to Save Money

Auto Insurance for Graduates

We all knew the day would come when your beautiful newborn baby would eventually turn into an invincible teenager eager to get her license, and you dreaded it. We also knew that one day that teenager would eventually make her … Continue reading →

Our Scariest Captive Insurance Risk – The Nightmare You Won’t Wake up From: Solvency II Pillar III

Scariest Risks

Halloween is the time when monsters emerge and nightmares become reality—and a first glance at the Solvency II Pillar III Quarterly and Annual templates will certainly quicken the heartbeat and bring on the night shivers! Continue reading →

Our Scariest Brazilian Risk – Cargo Transport in Brazil: A White-Knuckle Ride

Scariest Risks

The statistics in the Brazilian cargo transport market are really scary. Many companies need to transport products within Brazil, whether import or export, but the risks are high for vehicles on Brazil’s roads, increasing the insurance and the goods carried … Continue reading →