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Hélène Galy

Hélène leads the Willis Research Network, a public-private partnership with more than 50 partners worldwide. She advocates the merits of better insights into risks to support decision-making and improved resilience for our clients and society. She joined Willis Towers Watson in 1998, specializing in natural hazard modeling and reinsurance optimization and has lead teams who research, design and develop analytical tools for risk quantification and management.

Insurance, behavior and reputation: What happens when aviation meets insurance

airplane landing

While insurance and risk reduction are almost always worth the investment, there is no silver bullet. Effective risk management requires an altogether deeper understanding of the risk, based on data and observation. Continue reading →

Volcano Risk: Have we Learned any Lessons?

Don’t miss the exhibition Life and Death: Pompeii and Herculaneum still showing at London’s British Museum for a few days. For a place so closely associated in everyone’s mind with sudden death, the curators managed to put the emphasis on … Continue reading →

Russian Meteor Begs the Question: Can we Prepare for Asteroid Strikes?

Recently, I met scientists from Imperial College London to discuss whether or not climate change in the Artic is increasing the risk of landslide-triggered tsunamis in the UK. One of those very low-frequency, high-impact risks. Wait for it… Continue reading →