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Jeff Levin-Scherz is a senior consultant the co-leader of North American Health Management Practice at Willis Towers Watson, where he helps large employers develop, implement and evaluate their health management strategy, including care management programs, incentive programs, and technology programs.  Jeff’s clients include financial services organizations, telecommunication firms, defence and aerospace contractors, media companies, health care providers, and hospitality companies. Jeff leads intellectual capital development for Willis Towers Watson in the Health Management space.

Study finds traditional wellness programs aren’t improving health metrics, lowering costs

Excrercise class of older adults stretching in a park

Employers need to look beyond the approach of conventional wellness programs to teach employees about healthy behaviors and might want to consider integrated wellbeing programs. Continue reading →

Behavioral economics: A powerful way to influence employee health and wellbeing

man sitting on a balance ball at a table typing on a laptop

Gaining a deeper understanding of human behavior – and using that understanding effectively – will help us influence people to make better decisions about their health. Professor Richard Thaler, a recent recipient of the Nobel Prize, sought to prove this … Continue reading →

How behavioral economics can improve well-being

We are learning that we can use the way our brains are hardwired to help improve our health. Continue reading →

Time to reconsider well-being programs

Keeping up to date with health care-related legislative and regulatory changes can be a full-time endeavor. We know that many employers categorize the challenges of compliance as a necessary burden, and we can understand why. However, sometimes new rules provide … Continue reading →

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La economía del comportamiento: una forma poderosa de influir en la salud y el bienestar de los empleados

man sitting on a balance ball at a table typing on a laptop

Obtener una comprensión más profunda del comportamiento humano y usar ese entendimiento de manera efectiva nos ayudará a influir para que las personas tomen mejores decisiones en cuanto a su salud. El profesor Richard Thaler, quien recientemente recibió el Premio … Sigue Leyendo →

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Comment l’économie comportementale peut améliorer le bien-être

Le mois dernier, nous avons eu la chance de présenter des résultats de recherches prometteurs lors de la réunion annuelle du Forum économique mondial (World Economic Forum, WEF) à Davos, en Suisse. Le décor paisible et l’air sain des montagnes … Pour lire la suite →