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Jeffrey Seibert has managed a number of catastrophic events during his 37 years in the claim profession. As National Technical Director for Casualty and Critical Incident in Willis Tower Watsons’ Risk Control and Claim Advocacy Practice, he helps clients reduce and control their total cost of risk through strategic pre and post-loss planning and management of the claim process.

Should our workers compensation system join a wellness program?

Can the strength of the 20th century workers compensation framework support the weight of 21st century demands? Wellness programs and the aging workforce are agenda items at most workers compensation conferences, but what about our aging worker compensation system itself … Continue reading →

Creating a culture of innovation: Eagles fly and humans create

“A culture of innovation” should promote a safe, spirited atmosphere stimulating creative thought and offering ways to identify obstructions that severely suppress innovation. It may also challenge what we believe about our own ability to create. But organizations frequently bump … Continue reading →

Creating a Culture of Innovation

In 1903, a human being atop the sandy dunes of Kitty Hawk North Carolina piloted the first engine-powered machine known as the airplane (aero plane) – a machine that defied gravity by leaving the earth’s surface. Two brothers, bicycle mechanics … Continue reading →

Are Task-Centered Processes Hurting Workers’ Comp Claim Control?


Over the past four decades it has been fascinating to watch the evolution of the workers’ compensation claim handling process. In terms of structure and complexity, it has moved from the bicycle to the jet aircraft. Today’s process is composed … Continue reading →

A One-Track Mind Behind the Wheel (or Not)

phone driving

I heard a story about a man steering his car with his knees so he could type a text with both hands, as he participated on a conference call using his earbud. Oh, let me add, his wife and two … Continue reading →

The Power of Sleep – Lifting the Fog


Recent studies only confirm what our grandparents knew many years ago. Insufficient sleep—late to bed and early to rise—results in health issues, mental issues, relationship issues, and more accidents. It is linked to a variety of serious health problems, including heart attack, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. Continue reading →

The Younger Workforce – Their “Vital Sign” and Its Impact on Future Workers Compensation Cost


Because of today's overall sedentary lifestyle, workers compensation losses will increase as our young workforce ages faster than the generations before them. Continue reading →

Crisis Communications and the “It’ll Never Happen to Me” Strategy

News Conference

Having a crisis communications plan could be critical to your company's balance sheet. Guest blogger Jeffrey Seibert of Willis' Strategic Outcomes Practice explains how to tell if yours is ready. Continue reading →

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Cultura de inovação: os humanos nasceram para criar

“A cultura de inovação” dentro das empresas deve promover uma atmosfera segura estimulando o pensamento criativo e oferecendo maneiras de identificar obstáculos que a impedem. Ela também pode desafiar o que acreditamos sobre nossa própria capacidade de criar. Neste contexto, … Continuar lendo →

Mente ao volante: temos o foco necessário para salvar vidas?

phone driving

Ouvi uma história sobre um homem que dirigia seu carro com os joelhos para que pudesse digitar um texto usando as mãos, enquanto participava de uma teleconferência. Acrescento o seguinte: sua esposa e os dois filhos estavam no carro no … Continuar lendo →

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Creando una Cultura de la Innovación

En el 1903, un individuo en la cima de las dunas de arena de Kitty Hawk en Carolina del Norte puso a prueba la primera máquina con motor conocido como el avión – una máquina que desafiaba la gravedad, abandonando la … Sigue Leyendo →