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Jennifer Kelly

Jenn Kelly is a Product Leader at Willis Towers Watson, responsible for the vision, strategy and roadmap for Willis Towers Watson Compensation Planning Software. Over the past 10 years, Jenn has been involved in designing and building out several areas of HR technology across talent management and compensation planning.

No budget? No problem!

business man holding a calculator and a piggy bank with money sticking out

I remember the first time a manager told me not to expect much in the way of a merit increase. Do you? I’m not sure at what point I picked my jaw up off the floor, but his level of … Continue reading →

The three C’s to an excellent pay review process

Forget you’re a manager… for just a minute. Remember you’re also an employee.  You’ve completed performance reviews, gone into great detail as to all the contributions you’ve made over the course of the year to ensure your manager knows every … Continue reading →

Go out on a limb: 5 questions to guide your compensation budget approach

Before you keep your compensation process the same as it is, take a moment to consider whether your current approach is the right one for the new year. Continue reading →

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¿Sin presupuesto? ¡No hay problema!

business man holding a calculator and a piggy bank with money sticking out

Recuerdo la primera vez que un gerente me dijo que no esperara mucho en cuanto a un aumento por mérito. Quede boquiabierta, pero su nivel de incomodidad igualaba mi nivel de shock. ¿Un aumento “más bien” bajo? ¿En serio? ¿Para … Sigue Leyendo →