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Jim Blaney

Jim is the CEO of the Human Capital Practice at Willis North America. He has served in the national practice in various leadership roles for over four years.

Are Private Health Insurance Exchanges Viable or Just a Cost-Shifting Scheme?

Private Exchanges: An Elaborate Cost-Shifting Mechanism?

Yes, the public exchange system may have stumbled out of the gate, but the private exchange system has its issues, too, and we’re not talking about technology “glitches.” We’re talking about their fundamental design and the fact many private exchange … Continue reading →

Spotlight on Cyber – Protected Health Info Increases Employer Risk

World Cyber Risk

Employers are responsible for safeguarding protected health information (PHI) associated with their medical plans. And, given the inherently sensitive nature of this information and its natural appeal to cyber criminals, employers need to be aware of HIPAA privacy and data … Continue reading →

Video: The Health Insurance Marketplace is (Ex)Changing… Slowly…

Stethescope on Money

The health care reform train keeps rolling along and as it approaches the Land of Health Insurance Exchanges, a lot of companies are looking out the window and considering their options. Private exchanges are here now, but the era of … Continue reading →

Emerging Employee Benefits Risk of 2013: Discriminatory Employee Medical Plans

Emerging Risks

Most U.S. employers are fully aware of the risks associated with their employer-sponsored medical plans and the full implementation of health care reform. Continue reading →

Let’s Get Clinical: Using Clinical Data to Lower Employee Health Care Costs

Medical Data

Evidence-based guidance and strategies are the next step to manage rising health care costs. Continue reading →

Our Scariest Employee Benefits Risk – Health Care Reform

Scariest Risks

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has presented a scary scenario for organizations who are grappling with the reform’s changes to their plans. Continue reading →

Reduce Costs by Integrating Workers Compensation and Disability Insurance Administration

Workers Comp and Disability Files

How to save money on employee health care by integrating workers compensation and disability insurance. Continue reading →

Video: Trends and Market Conditions in Human Capital Risk

Colleen McCarthy and I spoke at RIMS last month about trends in human capital risk—also known as employee benefits or human resources risks. Continue reading →