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A professional Mechanical Engineer by training, John Roberts joined the insurance industry in 1979.  In 2008 he joined the Willis Group to head up the Construction Power & Utility Practice. In 2010 John became the Managing Director of the Global Construction Services International Business Unit where he was responsible for the successful operation of all construction business outside of the U.K and Europe. John became the U.K. Industry Leader for construction in 2014.

Changing talent strategies: The U.K. construction industry’s need to attract young workers

According to executives interviewed for the Construction Risk Index, risks associated with the megatrend ‘workforce management and talent optimisation’ combine to be the second biggest threat to construction companies over the next 10 years. The U.K. construction industry faces a … Continue reading →

It might not be so bad for UK construction after all post-Brexit

So, in the UK the Brexit vote has come and gone and in the USA we now have a new president elect, who it would seem, supports the UK’s decision to leave the EU. But how has this impacted the … Continue reading →

The rise of megaprojects

The advent of the ‘megaproject’ is truly upon us as such projects become a key feature of the UK project landscape. It is generally agreed that a project with a value greater than £1bn can be considered a megaproject and, … Continue reading →

How to win the U.K. construction war for talent

After years of a recent recession and an overall economic slump in the U.K., things finally seem to be looking up. In 2014, the construction industry’s output was GBP103 billion, 6.5% of the total economy. The industry’s output rose in … Continue reading →

Cyber Risk in the Construction Site of the Future

cyber construction

One of the most disconcerting realities is that while the risks to cyber security will undoubtedly increase as we leverage new construction technology, the fact is that much of our current generation of technology already represent significant vulnerabilities. Moreover these … Continue reading →

Coverage Issues in the Construction Site of the Future

robot construction worker

In part one of this series, I mentioned several ways in which new technology has the potential to advance safety. For instance, as drones and other automated machinery replace certain job functions that today humans exclusively perform, this could conceivably … Continue reading →

The Construction Site of the Future Will Look Very Different–And So Will its Risks

city of future

In an industry that has historically not been known for its technological innovation, construction appears to be making up for lost time. The benefits of these advancements are potentially staggering. Continue reading →

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Bien assurer le site de construction du futur

robot construction worker

Alors que les drones et autres équipements automatisés remplacent certaines fonctions professionnelles que les êtres humains exécutent aujourd’hui de manière exclusive, cela pourrait probablement générer des réductions significatives des demandes d’indemnisation pour accident du travail. Pour lire la suite →