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José Manuel Mercado

José Manuel Mercado is Latin American Industry Leader for Willis Towers Watson's Technology, Media and Telecommunications practice. José Manuel joined Willis Towers Watson in August 2014 after 26 years in the insurance and reinsurance industry servicing clients in Latin America as specialty broker.

Augmented, virtual & mixed realities: The risk chain grows more complex

Real Worlds: When Pikachu Fight Back It took a little yellow digital monster to make augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology a mass-market product in 2016. The global impact of Pokémon Go may lead to an uptick in … Continue reading →

Getting security right for the Internet of Things

The IoT consumer and enterprise markets offer great opportunities for stakeholders. However, issues related to data management and security will need to be explored and resolved. Continue reading →

Risky business? Managing IP and piracy threats in Latin American TMT

Regulation and legal risks are the most pressing concerns for Latin America’s technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) businesses. In research for Willis Towers Watson’s TMT Risk Index 2016, the three greatest risks all fall within the megatrend of regulation and … Continue reading →

Tech, media and telecom firms fear fines and penalties most

Regulatory and legal risk was consistently viewed by TMT survey respondents as the area posing the greatest challenges. Continue reading →

How to Create a Supply Chain Business Continuity Plan

Businesses Are Vulnerable To Disruption From Natural And Geo-Political Events Continue reading →

Gaming Gets Serious on Addressing Online Dual Threats of Cyber-Attacks and Piracy

Within the world of game console systems, piracy is an ever-present threat and the potential consequences of a cyber-attack have spiraled upward, now that online gaming services have become an inextricable part of modern game consoles. Continue reading →

Are Smartphones Secure Enough for All We Do With Them?

The multi-faceted smartphone has become the “go-to” communications device for individuals and businesses. But, as its portability and growing versatility make it a virtually indispensible part of our work and social lives, users will need to familiarize themselves with the … Continue reading →

IoT: With Great Potential Come Great Security Challenges

internet of things

The world is becoming increasingly digital, driven by near ubiquitous wireless connectivity, inexpensive processing, ever-more sophisticated sensor solutions, and proliferation of internet- connected devices. Continue reading →

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Negócio arriscado? Gerencie as ameaças de TMT na América Latina

Regulamentação e riscos legais são as maiores preocupações para as empresas de tecnologia, mídia e telecomunicações (TMT) na América Latina. Continuar lendo →

Empresas de tecnologia, mídia e telecomunicações temem multas e penalidades

No índice de Risco TMT (tecnologia, mídia e telecomunicações) da Willis Towers Watson 2016, o risco regulatório e legal foi consistentemente reconhecido pelos entrevistados como a área que traz os maiores desafios. Neste cenário, preocupações com multas e penalidades de … Continuar lendo →

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¿Negocio riesgoso? Administrando la propiedad intelectual y amenazas de piratería en LATAM

Las regulaciones y los riesgos legales son las preocupaciones más apremiantes de los negocios de tecnología, medios de comunicación y telecomunicaciones (TMT) en América Latina. En la investigación realizada para el índice de Riesgos TMT de Willis Towers Watson del … Sigue Leyendo →

¿Los Teléfonos Inteligentes Serán lo Suficientemente Seguros para Todo lo que Hacemos con Ellos?

Insurance Sale by Cell Phone Becomes Popular in Brazil

El teléfono inteligente multifacético se ha convertido en un dispositivo de comunicación fundamental para personas particulares y empresas. Sin embargo, mientras su portabilidad y creciente versatilidad lo convierten en una parte casi indispensable de nuestro trabajo y vida social, los … Sigue Leyendo →

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Les sociétés du secteur des technologies, des médias et des télécommunications redoutent en premier lieu les amendes et les pénalités

Dans l'Indice des risques 2016 pour la Technologie, les Médias et les Télécommunications élaboré par Willis Towers Watson, le risque juridique et réglementaire ... Pour lire la suite →