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Kevin O’Brien

Kevin O’Brien is Client Services Coordinator for Willis Personal Lines, responsible for that practice's marketing and social media. He came to Willis in June of 2014 after an entrepreneurial career owning small businesses including a real estate brokerage, marketing company, and restaurant.

Is Installing A Backyard Pool Worth the Risk?

swimming pool

Summer is a wonderful time of year: warm weather, blue skies, and a myriad colors in bloom. Once the weather gets hot, many of us start thinking about adding a pool to our yard. While this decision seems refreshingly simple, … Continue reading →

What is Your Family’s Social Media Liability?

social media Liabilitiy

As social media use becomes increasingly ingrained in our daily lives, the potential for something we post to be taken out of context or misconstrued is only going to increase. When adults are being sued for negative yelp reviews and … Continue reading →

The Super Bowl and the Sharing Economy

With the Super Bowl in Arizona fast approaching, news outlets have been reporting a hotel room and rental car shortage for weeks, leading many Arizonans to consider renting their home for the weekend or using their personal auto to take … Continue reading →

Phishing Works

hooked fish

Phishing continues to be a significant part of the increase in identity theft. Phishing happens when attempts are made to fraudulently acquire sensitive personal information like usernames, passwords, credit card, or health insurance information by a person or group masquerading … Continue reading →

The Importance of Insurance During a Home Remodel

home remodeling

Having the correct insurance coverage is an often-overlooked aspect of starting a home improvement project. Building an addition or making renovations may leave you without adequate insurance coverage or could expose you to unexpected liabilities. Before you start your project, … Continue reading →

Identity Theft is on the Rise. Are You Protected?

Digital Identity (identity theft, digital security)

Last week’s staggering headline that, Russian hackers stole over 1 billion internet passwords, is yet another example of how global the business of identity theft has become. A breach of this size should be enough to convince anyone about the … Continue reading →

Supreme Court Decision May Affect Estate Planning

retirement plan

The unanimous June ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States in Clark v Rameker, has the potential to affect how millions of Americans plan their estates, as the decision changed the bankruptcy status of inherited IRAs. The Court … Continue reading →

Do I Need Earthquake Insurance?

Earthquake house

In the United States, earthquakes are often most associated with California and Alaska. The reality is many areas across the country are susceptible to earthquake activity. Recently, we have seen earthquakes in areas thought to be “low risk,” such as … Continue reading →