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Laura Burns

Laura Burns has 16 years in the insurance industry and manages the US practice for Political Risk Insurance for Willis Towers Watson. Her work entails advising multinational organizations on political risk in emerging market jurisdictions and placement of political risk insurance programs. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Policy Studies from Dickinson College and a Master’s Degree in International Relations from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University and is a licensed P&C broker.

Instability in countries like Venezuela highlights need for political risk insurance

Faut-il réinventer le salaire de base?

As Venezuela’s economic and political crisis reaches a boiling point, it serves as a cautionary tale to corporations that have invested in fast growing but increasingly unstable economies. Continue reading →

A world on edge: Political risk in 2017

Two words capture the political climate in much of the world today: uncertainty and disruption. This is the kind of volatility that political risk insurance addresses. Continue reading →

Political Risk: Looking for the Next Hot Spot

political stress

As Europe and the global economy brace for the uncertain outcome of the Grexit – the word coined to describe the possible exit of Greece from the European Union – we’re reminded that political risk exposures can crop up anywhere. … Continue reading →