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Lester Morales

Lester Morales is Chief Growth Officer of Willis’ Human Capital Practice, based in Tampa, Florida. He has been with the company 7 years, sharing his deep understanding of the human capital and health management sector to clients and regional subject matter experts.

Millennials are Changing Your Workforce. Are You Adapting?

millennial man

No doubt about it — Millennials are a force to be reckoned with. Even if your current workforce includes a mix of Traditionals, Boomers and Gen X’ers, it’s the Millennials who will drive how you do business for years to … Continue reading →

Happy National Employee Benefits Day!

vintage labor

Today, April 2, we take a moment to recognize employee benefits and the human resources professionals who are dedicated to providing them to their colleagues. Except for Social Security, workers’ compensation and a few benefits required by states, US employers … Continue reading →

The Changing Face of Human Capital in 2015

old and young

Baby Boomers are packing up their expertise and retiring in droves. The Millennial generation is at your door with fresh ideas about making work (and life) meaningful. It’s time to stop just strategizing on how to manage Millennials—and time to … Continue reading →

Don’t Let Health Care Reform Overshadow Employee Engagement Efforts

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In the world of human resources and employee benefits, the results of the upcoming  November elections and the potential impact on health care reform seems to be a tipping point. The current worries around health care reform mostly contain anxiety … Continue reading →