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Magdalena Ramada, PhD, is a Senior Economist at Willis Towers Watson’s Research and Innovation Center with over 15 years of experience in R&D and international consulting. Magda holds a PhD in Quantitative Economics and Finance and was the firm’s Head of Research and Analytical Services. She currently focuses on strategic consulting for the insurance industry, especially around emerging markets and insurance technology.

For insurers #blockchain is the new black

Blockchain is a distributed digital ledger technology. Many believe that it will radically change our world, but is blockchain really the new internet? Continue reading →

The frontier of innovation in insurance

Is it really happening? Let’s start with the word insurtech. It’s a mashup of insurance and technology and yes, it is happening right now. On the technology side we are seeing trends that have been coming for a while, including … Continue reading →

Sub-Saharan Africa: Insurance’s New Frontier?

Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) is not only fascinating for tourists, but it has started to get serious attention from the insurance industry as well. Indeed, insurance companies are starting to look at SSA with both interest and caution. Africa’s economy has … Continue reading →

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La última moda entre las aseguradoras es #blockchain

Hace seis meses, utilicé el término “blockchain” en una reunión y la mitad de las personas presentes en la sala rápidamente tomaron sus cuadernos de notas y lo anotaron con varios signos de interrogación a su lado. Hoy en día, … Sigue Leyendo →

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Pour les assureurs, #blockchain est la nouvelle tendance

Il y a six mois, j’ai utilisé le mot « blockchain » lors d’une réunion et la moitié des personnes présentes dans la salle ont promptement sorti leur carnet pour écrire ce mot suivi de plusieurs points d’interrogation. Aujourd’hui, il ne se … Pour lire la suite →