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Mary O’ Connor is Willis Towers Watson's, Head of Client, Industry and Business Development for Willis Towers Watson GB, and global Head of Financial Institutions Industry group. As a leading expert in financial services regulation she has advised Willis Towers Watson clients on all aspects of risk, regulation and financial crime. Before joining Willis, Mary was Head of Approved Persons and a Manager within the U.K. Financial Services Authority, successfully leading high-profile investigations into LIBOR-rigging and obtaining record-breaking fines against firms and individuals. In the U.S., Mary served as an Assistant United States Attorney in Washington, DC, where she prosecuted numerous market abuse and insider trading cases.

Banks of the future: Millennials and risk culture

From employees, to consumers, banks need to affect true cultural and behavioural change, restore trust and ethics and ensure consumers are placed at the heart of business. Continue reading →

Don’t Let FinTech Eliminate Financial Access for Some

Technology-based financial innovation has transformed the financial sector. In particular, financial technology (FinTech) firms have revolutionised financial services for the historically underbanked or unbanked, who can now access, transfer and save money, particularly in parts of the world where mobile … Continue reading →

FinTech and the Ethical Use of Personal Data

As we move into an era of access to greater amounts of users’ personal information, it is time for a debate about the ethical use of personal data to ensure that financial innovation doesn’t create financial exclusion or marginalisation. We … Continue reading →

A Regulatory Review of 2015


This year has been full of ups and downs at the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Fundamentally, it has become a year of change. In this article, I look back at the FCA’s more significant successes and challenges of 2015. I … Continue reading →

Regulatory Review of 2014


As we close the book on 2014, we look back at the Financial Conduct Authority’s progress and select three important stories of 2014. Continue reading →

5 Ways to Strengthen the FCA, PRA and Insurance Industry Relationship


Today, the insurance industry’s relationship with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) is strong. Looking to the future, there are five ways to further strengthen our relationship to ensure that together we respond positively to the … Continue reading →

5 Tips to Prepare for the Senior Managers Regime

senior management regime

On 23 October the Treasury Committee published its report, Project Verde, in which it was highly critical of the current Approved Person’s Regime. Continue reading →

Banking Brain Drain: Four Unintended Consequences of Post-Crisis Regulation

brain drain

Since the financial crisis, governments have made wide-ranging changes to the way financial institutions are regulated. In particular, regulators have focused on the amount and type of capital that banks and other financial institutions must hold, and set new standards … Continue reading →

How to Reduce Risk of Lending to Small and Medium Enterprises

Bank Vault

In recent years large banks have been reluctant to lend to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Smaller banks, relying on less sophisticated capital models than the bigger banks, are unable to take up the slack.  The consequence has been a … Continue reading →

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FinTech: a inovação pode limitar o acesso financeiro para alguns

A inovação financeira baseada em tecnologia transformou o setor financeiro. Em especial, as empresas de tecnologia (start–ups) aplicada aos serviços financeiros (FinTech), que têm revolucionado o setor para o histórico acesso bancário ou sem banco, permitindo acessar, transferir e economizar … Continuar lendo →