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Michael Buckle

Michael is an Executive Director of Global Markets and leads Willis' Renewable Energy practice. Based in London with more than 24 years’ insurance experience, he is a trusted authority on clean energy and has advised some of Europe’s largest power companies, helping them to realize capital investment through his detailed appreciation of the risk in renewable energy projects.  

Renewable Energy Financing: What History Could Teach Us

On 4th October 2012 we hosted and sponsored, alongside Infrastructure Journal, the Offshore Wind Future Financing Forum. So let me try and explain why we think financing off-shore wind projects needs our attention. Continue reading →

Report Bolsters Certainty of UK Renewable Energy Future

Back in January, I wrote a blog titled Emerging Renewable Risks of 2012, where I discussed the uncertainty of renewable energy globally. I’m happy to report that a recently published Crown Estate study shines some light on the subject of … Continue reading →

Can We Position Ourselves for a Renewable-Based Future?

Let me correct the massive amount of misinformation about the UK Prime Minister's April speech on the Green agenda at the Clean Energy Ministerial. Continue reading →

Emerging Renewables Risk of 2012

Judging by the enquiries we receive on a regular basis from all over the world there seems to be an emerging trend surrounding the future uncertainty of renewables in many countries’ energy policies. Continue reading →

Largest Renewable Energy Claims of 2011

Offshore wind insurance has fortunately not had the industrial mega claims yet, but there are a few close calls around that raise concern in the insurance sector. Continue reading →

Answer to Europe’s Energy Future is Blowing in the Wind

Last week the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) offshore wind conference in Amsterdam certainly threw up some dilemmas about Europe’s energy future. The overwhelming feeling amongst the senior conference delegates was that the renewable energy debate has to be won … Continue reading →

Everyone’s a Risk Manager in Offshore Wind Energy

With the next phase of offshore wind power development set to dwarf current projects, the industry faces two major challenges: To reduce the cost and the time it takes to build the massive structures out at sea. These two topics … Continue reading →

Are You a Short-Termist or a Long-Termist on Energy?

Willis Renewable Energy expert looks at the implications of the IEA's World Energy Outlook report for the renewable and insurance sectors. Continue reading →

Scariest Renewable Risk: New Frontiers

Renewable entrepreneurs are fearless and passionate about their projects but we have a “scary” register of risks that occasionally gets their knees knocking. Continue reading →

Renewables: In it for the Long Run

In the ongoing debate about rising energy prices, UK Energy Secretary Chris Huhne said yesterday that it’s up to consumers to shop around for the best tariff. Continue reading →