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Michelle Northey

Michelle Northey is the Global Product Leader for Willis Towers Watson HR Portal Software. With over 20 years of Human Capital Management experience, she has lead the creation of market-leading, award-winning software solutions spanning the wide domain of HCM including human resources, payroll, talent acquisition, talent management, health care reform and analytics.

Does your HR portal spark joy?

Does your HR Portal spark joy? You might have read that title and then read it again to make sure you saw that correctly. And then you may have wondered what kind of crazy question is that? It’s not often … Continue reading →

Does your HR portal create a zen place for your employees?

The saying goes, “there is place for everything and everything in its place.”  I often think of this when I work with organizations on arranging their HR content.  In my last blog post, “Implementing an HR portal? Get your house … Continue reading →

Implementing an HR portal? Get your house in order.

One question I hear time and time again from organizations is, “I wish I knew what to expect going into an implementation of an HR portal. How can I better prepare?” In many ways implementing any new technology is like … Continue reading →