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Nick Dussuyer has been Global Industry Head of Natural Resources at Willis Towers Watson since 2015. Based in London, he is responsible for bringing the best of our specialist industry capabilities together with locally based teams to address natural resources clients’ needs on a global basis. He joined Willis Towers Watson after 15 years at BearingPoint, where he was member of the global Natural Resources leadership team and the Partner in charge of Resources & Utilities in the U.K. & Ireland.

Regulatory change requires creative thinking for natural resources industries

New SMCRA rules could considerably cut recoverable reserves of some mined materials, costing the industry billions of dollars and potentially causing the loss of numerous jobs. Continue reading →

Top risk for oil and gas industry: Operating in difficult physical environments

Easily-recoverable oil reserves are a thing of the past, and oil and gas companies have little choice but to turn to unconventional sources of fuel such as shale oil and ‘fracked’ gas; and to look in places where a few … Continue reading →

Cyber-security: Energy firms must expect the unexpected

Last December, three power companies in the Ivano-Frankivsk region of Ukraine suffered a series of sudden, unscheduled power outages. Electricity supply to thousands of homes and businesses was unceremoniously cut off, leaving an estimated 230,000 people without heat or light … Continue reading →

The top risks facing natural resource companies

On 23 June Britons voted in a national referendum to leave the European Union. In the first few days following the decision we’ve seen upheaval in both political and financial markets as the initial impact of this momentous decision begins … Continue reading →

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El cambio regulatorio requiere un pensamiento creativo para industrias de recursos naturales

Es muy poco probable que esto acapare los titulares, pero un debate reservado se está llevando a cabo dentro del Gobierno de Estados Unidos sobre los cambios a una ley conocida como Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 … Sigue Leyendo →