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Paul Owens is Chief Executive Officer of Willis’ Global Captive Management practice, based in London. He has been with Willis since 1990. After graduating as a chartered accountant with Arthur Young he worked for Goldman Sachs in London and a short spell at British & Commonwealth.

Why Would you Choose Captive Solution in a Soft Market?

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In this short video interview for I explain why, despite the current soft market, large and sophisticated insurance buyers are increasingly considering the use of captives as part of an integrated risk management programme. Continue reading →

Solvency II – A Burden or an Opportunity for Captives?


The reality of Solvency II is now dawning on the whole insurance industry. After years of speculation and, in the case of many, millions of euros of expense and additional regulatory capital, insurance company owners are bracing themselves for pillars … Continue reading →

Is the Chinese Captive Dragon Stirring?

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There is huge interest from all sectors as the companies see a captive as a potential solution within an integrated risk management solution. Continue reading →

Will Asia Overtake the West in Captives?

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Globalisation brings more and more transparency, particularly in the fast moving risk management arena. The use of captives has, until now, been the domain of Western corporations. But now Asia wants to catch up. Continue reading →

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Solvabilité II – Fardeau ou opportunité pour les captives?


La réalité de Solvabilité II s’impose à l’ensemble du secteur de l’assurance. Après des années de conjectures, et, dans de nombreux cas, des millions d’euros de dépenses et de fonds propres réglementaires supplémentaires, les dirigeants de compagnies d’assurance se préparent … Pour lire la suite →