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Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas is Chief Risk Officer of Willis Re Global. He has been with the company since 2004 and has 39 years of insurance and reinsurance underwriting, broking and management experience.

The fourth industrial revolution and being fair by design

As we move through the fourth industrial revolution, a few things stand out. Among them, that the ongoing discrimination against women — a shameful cultural and historical legacy — has no place in this century. I find it scandalous that … Continue reading →

A reinsurer’s guide to Access to Records clauses

For decades, many reinsurance treaties were simple agreements between international professionals who knew and trusted each other. Deals were closed on a handshake, and the actual reinsurance contracts were simple because these were long-term relationships and everything could be worked … Continue reading →

Noah needs insurance

Insurance is the strand that anchors every family, business and community. Insurance complements and supports best building codes, discourages risky behavior and provides money to rebuild. Continue reading →

The sharing economy and the forgotten man

The golden pin that holds together and supercharges the shared economy is the classification of workers as independent contractors. Continue reading →

Ghosts in the (Driving) Machine – and on the Witness Stand

self driving car, animated

Can a balance be created between life-saving autonomous car technology and tort law, or will the fear of large verdicts stop manufacturers from deploying the new technology? Continue reading →