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Ralph Leyssens

Ralph Leyssens has over 25 years’ experience in international reward consulting and management. He specializes in the (re-)design, development, implementation and communication of reward strategies, role structuring, sales compensation, STI and LTI design, salary and performance management and benefits and perquisites policies. Ralph has developed and managed complex projects and processes in international mobility management, HR/reward process and policy development and optimization, organizational restructuring and post-merger alignments and integration.

From a talented reward professional to all reward talent professionals: Why can’t we be friends?

I might as well start off with a confession: I’m a spreadsheet-loving compensation professional, a job evaluation geek and a sucker for structure. I can marvel about the beauty of a well-designed salary structure and have been known to get … Continue reading →

The accuracy illusion

The more things change… When I started my first job two and a half decades ago, I was told for the first six months (during “probation period”) my pay would be set at 90% of the starting salary. Following a … Continue reading →

The future of work, and HR’s changing role

The son of an acquaintance has three jobs. Or rather, he performs work in three different areas, all while studying for his second bachelor’s degree. He’s a freelance photographer, a web-site/app developer and a DJ – not your standard run-of-the-mill … Continue reading →