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Robin is the Communications Director for the Willis Towers Watson's Natural Resources Industry Group and is based in London. With more than 30 years' experience in the global insurance markets, he has focused on providing specialist natural resources insurance intelligence since 1996. He is the editor of the annual Willis Natural Resources Market Review, and blogs about insurance market developments and risk management issues within the natural resources arena.

Protecting people and assets in the Latin American natural resources industry: 3 imperatives

Tecpetrol’s Fabio Lugo addressing Latin American Natural Resources Conference in Buenos Aires

Tecpetrol’s Fabio Lugo addresses our Latin American Natural Resources Conference in Buenos Aires last month Latin America’s geography is rich in natural resources, currently producing 12% of the world oil and 7% of the world natural gas supply. But a … Continue reading →

Post-hurricane confusion in the energy insurance markets: 3 reasons why a market turn is too early to call


Energy insurers were in a bullish mood as delegates gathered at the critical Baden-Baden reinsurance meeting last week. Their frame of mind didn’t come as a surprise, given all the media speculation on how insurance markets will respond in the … Continue reading →

Corporate Social Responsibility – Six key imperatives for mining companies (Part 2)

See part 1 of the series: Four challenges facing the mining industry. As mining companies venture into more remote locations to find reserves, they typically must conduct scores of studies and financial models before they are authorized to break ground. … Continue reading →

Four challenges facing the mining industry (Part 1 in series)

In our recently published Mining Risk Review, Willis Towers Watson identified four challenges that all mining companies should be addressing as we move further into the second part of this decade. These are: Operating within a volatile geopolitical landscape: Mining … Continue reading →

The 2017 hurricane season: Will it transform the energy insurance markets?

In the aftermath of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the thoughts of our colleagues in the energy sector and insurance market are quite rightly directed towards the human tragedy that’s unfolding as new details of the death and destruction wrought by … Continue reading →

Why a well-run energy industry workforce underpins effective asset risk management

Piper Alpha. Longford. Texas City. Deepwater Horizon. Everyone in the energy industry knows about these landmark energy losses, and everyone fears another one. But apart from being catastrophic, each of these occurrences has one common thread — human error. Where … Continue reading →

Despite Anthony Hilton’s warning, energy insurance products are still valuable say risk managers

There’s no doubt that both the energy and insurance industries are facing challenging times. Low oil prices are driving cost-cutting and workforce layoffs, at a time when the insurance markets are beset by over-capacity and a dwindling premium income base. … Continue reading →

The E.U.’s General Data Protection Regulation – Are the natural resources industries ready?

On April 14, 2016 the European Parliament voted to adopt a new data protection law for Europe, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  The regulation will come into effect on May 25, 2018. The purpose of the regulation is to … Continue reading →

2017 trading conditions: The “new normal” for the energy and insurance industries?

Willis Towers Watson has just launched our 2017 Energy Market Review.  Despite an encouraging uplift during the last 12 months, the energy industry is still beset by some significant challenges, including  low oil prices, cost control pressures, workforce layoffs, onerous … Continue reading →

Six reasons why the mining industry outlook remains uncertain


Last September we released our first Mining Risk Review as Willis Towers Watson. We entitled the review “Dealing with Uncertainty” – but on the eve of our North American Mining Conference in Toronto next week, what exactly are these uncertainties? … Continue reading →

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Energy: cinco áreas de preocupação para a indústria

Este ano a indústria de energia está enfrentando possivelmente o seu maior desafio em 50 anos com a queda nos preços do petróleo e estoques atingindo níveis recordes. Para o futuro próximo, disciplina e redução de custos operacionais e de … Continuar lendo →

Existem maneiras mais inteligentes para as empresas de mineração da América Latina economizarem?

Latin American mines

Será que empresas latino-americanas de mineração conseguiriam poupar dinheiro, por meio da adoção de estratégias de gerenciamento de risco mais sofisticadas? Nas cidades de Lima e Santiago, a Willis foi palco para um Seminário de Mineração da América Latina no … Continuar lendo →

Cinco Perguntas Principais respondidas pela nossa Análise do Mercado de Energia em 2013

Energy Pipes

Acabamos de publicar nosso Energy Market Review para 2013, com muito material interessante do montante, jusante, construção, de mercados de terrorismo e responsabilidade. Continuar lendo →

Mercados de Seguros de energia Desafia Leis Econômicas

Uma das características mais estranhas do mercado de seguros de energia que abordamos na Análise do Mercado de Energia 2012, lançada recentemente, é como o mercado está, aparentemente, desafiando as leis básicas da economia. Estes indicam que um aumento na … Continuar lendo →

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Proteger a las personas y los activos en la industria de recursos naturales de América Latina: 3 imperativos

Tecpetrol’s Fabio Lugo addressing Latin American Natural Resources Conference in Buenos Aires

Fabio Lugo de Tecpetrol se dirigió a nuestra Conferencia Latinoamericana de Recursos Naturales en Buenos Aires el mes pasado. La geografía de América Latina es rica en recursos naturales y actualmente produce el 12% del petróleo mundial, y el 7% … Sigue Leyendo →

Cinco Motivos de Preocupación para la Industria Energética

Este año, la industria de energía se enfrenta a su mayor desafío en los últimos 50 años, ya que los precios del petróleo se hunden y los inventarios alcanzan niveles sin precedentes. En el futuro previsible, la disciplina Capex y … Sigue Leyendo →

¿Existen maneras más inteligentes de ahorrar dinero para las empresas mineras en América Latina?

Latin American mines

¿Pueden las compañas mineras en américa Latina ahorrar dinero tras adoptar estrategias de administración de riesgos más sofisticadas? La semana pasada en Santiago y en Lima, Willis promovió nuestro seminario Inaugural de la minería en América Latina, donde un grupo … Sigue Leyendo →

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Conditions commerciales en 2017 : la « nouvelle norme » pour les secteurs de l’énergie et des assurances ?

Willis Towers Watson vient de publier son étude 2017 du marché de l’énergie.  Malgré un rebond encourageant au cours des 12 derniers mois, le secteur de l’énergie est toujours freiné par des défis significatifs, notamment le bas niveau des cours … Pour lire la suite →