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Sally Bramall

Sally Bramall is the Chief Operating Officer of the Financial Institutions Group at Willis, co-ordinating Willis’ worldwide practice for all financial institutions clients. She was formerly Willis' Group Head of Market Security Group with responsibility for providing the Willis Group and its clients with financial research and assessment on nearly 3,000 insurance and reinsurance entities worldwide.

Martin Wheatley Interview: The Future of Regulation

Martin Wheatley interview

Willis and the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) welcomed Martin Wheatley, CEO of the Financial Conduct Authority to a full house in the Willis Auditorium in London for a discussion on Thursday November 20th. Continue reading →

Stress Within the Financial Industry: Building Business Athletes

The financial services sector has always had a reputation for being a highly pressurised and stressful working environment. Continue reading →

The Eurozone Crisis: What Buyers Should Be Thinking About

With the Eurozone crisis still looming large, I spoke to Communications Director Sarah Robson in a WillisWire video interview recently about some of the key issues. Continue reading →

Rating Eurozone Insurers

Most market commentators were largely unsurprised by S&P’s actions, and our sense remains that, for the most part, the insurance sector remains resilient. Continue reading →

Impact of the Eurozone Debt Crisis on Insurer Solvency

measuring the effect of the eurozone debt crisis

The European sovereign crisis has brought insurer solvency and claims-paying ability back to the forefront of many minds. Continue reading →

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Classificação dos Seguradores da Eurozona

As duas últimas semanas foram movimentadas para nós que estamos acompanhando a crise na Eurozona e seu impacto no mundo dos seguros. A Standard & Poor’s publicou suas opiniões, ansiosamente esperadas, sobre os lideres da Eurozona, seguidas de uma onda de rebaixamento na classificação … Continuar lendo →