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Sara Benolken has been with Willis since 2005 and is Global Industry Leader for Willis Towers Watson’ Technology, Media and Telecommunications industry group. Sara has 20 years of experience in the insurance industry and extensive expertise in the tech and telecom arenas.

Digital ghosts: Deleted online footprints persist

The inescapable truth of modern life is that all interactions with the internet are recorded and stored, creating digital imprints of user activity and personal information. In the highly interconnected world of the internet, there is no such thing as … Continue reading →

The future of the technology, media and telecommunications sector

The Technology, Media and Telecommunications sector (TMT) is one where change is a constant, risk is embraced on a daily basis, and innovation is relentless. Endless improvement means taking on – and taking advantage – of risk. Firms in this … Continue reading →

How Cognitive Computing is Transforming Global Industries

In March 2016, AlphaGo, a computer program developed by Google DeepMind in London, beat the longstanding world champion, Lee Sedol, in 4 out of 5 games of Go. In 2011, IBM’s Watson computer beat two former champions in multiple rounds … Continue reading →

What risks will emerge in 2016?

Our world is advancing at a pace that invites innovation at breakneck speed, encouraging companies to jump into untested waters. Whether it is new, disruptive technologies – such as drones – or just a new way of doing business – such … Continue reading →

Intellectual Property: Do Boards Know The Risks?

technology intellectual property

The intellectual property landscape is changing. A spate of litigation and legal rulings has put the spotlight on intellectual property risk. And for many directors, officers and risk managers, it’s the first time they’re considering the value and vulnerability of … Continue reading →

Unlimited Paid Time Off. The Future or a Fad?

beach vacation

With so much talk about the importance of a healthy work-life balance, it may be a surprise to learn that Americans work longer hours and take fewer days off per year than workers in many countries around the world. Yet, … Continue reading →

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O futuro do setor de tecnologia, mí­dia e telecomunicações

O setor de tecnologia, mí­dia e telecomunicações (TMT) é aquele em que a mudança é uma constante, o risco é abraçado em uma base diária, e a inovação é implacável. A melhoria ideal e duradoura está ligada em assumir – e … Continuar lendo →

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Cómo la Computación Cognitiva esta Transformando la Industria Global

En marzo de 2016, AlphaGo, un programa informático desarrollado por Google DeepMind en Londres, venció al campeon del mundo, Lee Sedol, en 4 de 5 juegos de Go. En el 2011, la computadora Watson de IBM venció a dos ex … Sigue Leyendo →

¿Qué Riesgos Están Surgiendo en el 2016?

Nuestro mundo está avanzando a un ritmo que invita a la innovación que crece a velocidad vertiginosa, animando a las empresas a saltar en territorios inexplorados. Ya sea que se trate de nuevas tecnologías de punta – como los drones … Sigue Leyendo →

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L’avenir du secteur des technologies, des média et des télécommunications

Le secteur des technologies, des média et des télécommunications (TMT) est un secteur où le changement est constant, où le risque est intégré de manière quotidienne et où l’innovation ne s’arrête jamais. Une amélioration sans fin signifie prendre des risques … Pour lire la suite →