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Steve Schoenberger

Steve Schoenberger is Vice President of Corporate Property & Casualty, based in Willis’ Boston office. He joined Willis in 2013 after almost 10 years as a broker at a technology and life sciences insurance firm.

Open Source Software & Risk Management – The Perils of FREE

Free* (neon)

Wouldn’t it be great if you were developing a software application and instead of building a program from scratch you could pull “free” software from the web to help save time and money? Imagine if there were over 5,000 different … Continue reading →

How to Kill a Troll — The Case for Formalized IP Risk Management

troll grilling

What do AT&T, Google, Carbonite and Level-Up all have in common? All have faced patent litigation costing anywhere from a couple hundred thousand to millions of dollars to defend. Technology companies of all sizes are falling prey to “patent trolls” … Continue reading →

Contract Manufacturing – Beyond Products Liability

Pharma Manufacturing

It is no surprise that more and more companies are looking to outsource all or at least a portion of their manufacturing processes to leverage unique manufacturing advantages around the globe. Continue reading →

Warning: Drug Development May Have Side Effects

Drug-Testing Mouse

Much good comes from the development of pharmaceuticals, biologics and other novel therapeutics. However, as with almost any venture, where there is reward there is the risk of negative side effects. Continue reading →

Medical Records + Growing Regulation = Greater Risk

Lost Laptop, Security Breach

Imagine the following scenario: Your employee recently secured a new laptop. While in transit to a client site, he stops for a quick bite at a sub shop. When he returns to his car, he finds his windows broken and … Continue reading →