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Tim, Chief Operating Officer of Willis China, is a graduate in Chinese studies with more than 30 years’ experience in the insurance industry. During this time he has worked in marine hull broking, treaty reinsurance broking, energy underwriting and management aspects in London, Switzerland and China. From 1981-1984 he set up the first foreign insurance broker liaison office in China and has been back in China, living in Shanghai, since 2007.

What’s in Store for China’s New Year?

Chinese year of horse

In China the Year of the Horse has now arrived, company business plans for 2014 are in place, the new government leadership’s high-level agenda is set for the next few years, and the first signs of spring are in the … Continue reading →

Chinese Migrants: Homeward Bound

Chinese crowds

As the Chinese Lunar Year of the Snake ends and the Year of the Horse begins, the first half of the world’s largest annual migration – an estimated 3.6 billion journeys over the holiday period – will draw to a … Continue reading →

China: The Smog Thickens

Beijing Smog

Smog in China, and particularly in Beijing, has reached hazadrous levels. What is causing such dangerously high pollution in the country, and what could be done to try and reduce it? Continue reading →

Our Scariest Chinese Risk – Gridlock in the Chinese Capital

Scariest Risks

That the traffic in the capital of the world’s most populous nation is a nightmare is well-known to its inhabitants, and it is often ranked as the worst city in the world for traffic congestion. Continue reading →

In China, the Year of the Dragon Begins…

The massive Chinese new year migration is one measure of the staggering growth of China’s economy over the last decade. Continue reading →

Largest Chinese Claims of 2011

This country suffers more than its fair share of floods and earthquakes, whilst typhoons regularly wreak havoc on southern coastal areas. Continue reading →

The Thirsty Dragon: Implications of China’s Water Shortages

Our Shanghai blogger examines issues surrounding China's severe water shortage. Continue reading →

Scariest China Risk: Pandemic Pandemonium

A recent issue of the New Scientist magazine informs us that the H5N1 avian flu virus is now just five mutations away from being capable of human-to-human transmission. Continue reading →

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Na China, começa o Ano do Dragão…

Nos últimos dias, em Xangai, o tráfego nas ruas diminuiu, uma quantidade menor de pessoas circulam no Metrô, e os canteiros de obras estão curiosamente quietos. Isso porque muitos dos habitantes da cidade juntaram-se à maior migração humana anual do … Continuar lendo →