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Tom Srail is Regional Industry Leader for Willis' Technology, Media and Telecommunications practice, based in Medina, Ohio. He has over 20 years experience in the insurance and technology business. Focused on bringing the best of Willis to our industry clients, he oversees Willis' TMT Centers of Excellence in San Francisco, New York and Dallas.

Crowd goes wild: Risks of overreliance on crowdsourcing

While the concept of a sharing economy may be a fairly new one, its roots date back to the centuries-old practice of crowdsourcing (i.e., outsourcing work, or aspects of work, traditionally performed by an employee or designated agent to separate … Continue reading →

Artificial Intelligence: Data-driven but not without risks

The recent edition of Mobile World Congress stressed that the industry is in a state of flux, as many new technologies have yet to enter maturity despite their strong potential for disruption. In addition to 5G and the internet of … Continue reading →

Uptake of robotic-assisted surgery brings risk

Once considered a far-fetched science fiction notion, robotics is now being used in the medical arena, offering transformative potential in patient care, prostheses and surgery. The proliferation of surgical robotics offers many cost- and precision-related advantages, but it also gives … Continue reading →

Blockchain – How far can business process automation go?

Although Bitcoin is now 8 years old, the current driver of interest in blockchain is the ability to reduce logistical costs, prevent fraud and eliminate legal disputes. Continue reading →

Cyberattack: A many-headed monster facing TMT firms

Tech, media, and telecom executives find, cyberattacks to be the fourth-greatest risk facing the sector, and the greatest threat to technology firms. Continue reading →

Legal and regulatory risks dominate North American TMT

North American technology, media and telecoms firms cited legal or regulatory challenges as 6 of their top 10 risks in our recent risk index. Continue reading →

What Risks is Health Care’s Digital Revolution Opening it up to?

Health care is undergoing a digital revolution, driven by the need to increase efficiency, embrace digital technology and improve patient care. Yet the current pace, scale and complexity of technology adoption is putting health care providers at a significant risk … Continue reading →

Connected Cars and Cyber-Security: A Growing Risk

Auto manufacturers are busy cyber-proofing their products to ensure greater passenger safety and to prevent the market potential of “connected” cars from being held hostage by attacks. Continue reading →

Convergence and Social Media Influence Across Industries

TMT convergence

Social media is causing an interesting convergence of sectors within technology, media and telecommunications (TMT). Technology firms are finding themselves becoming social media companies. Telecommunication firms are finding themselves in the tech business. It’s not exactly “dogs and cats living … Continue reading →

Our Scariest Cyber Risk – Cyber Worries in the Boardroom

Scariest risks 2014

Perhaps the scariest call of the year didn’t come from outside hackers threatening an attack, law enforcement informing you of your breach, or even the credit card firms implicating you in a massive theft of data. It came from… INSIDE … Continue reading →

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Carros conectados e a cibersegurança: um risco crescente

Os fabricantes de automóveis estão preocupados em garantir uma maior segurança aos passageiros e prevenir o potencial de ataques cibernéticos dos carros “conectados”. Segundo um relatório divulgado em maio pelo BI Inteligence, em 2020, 75% dos carros lançados mundialmente irão … Continuar lendo →

Convergência e tecnologia traçam novo cenário na gestão de risco

TMT convergence

A mídia social está causando uma interessante convergência de setores dentro da tecnologia, mídia e telecomunicações (TMT). As empresas de tecnologia estão se deparando com a questão de se tornar empresas de mídia social. As empresas de telecomunicações estão se … Continuar lendo →

Decreto cibernético presidencial: O que isso significa para o meu seguro de Cyber?

Cyber Security

Na terça-feira, a Casa Branca anunciou o decreto para melhoria crítica em infra-estrutura cibernética do Presidente. Muito está sendo escrito e discutido sobre o decreto, e especialistas já estão oferecendo diferentes reações. Este artigo não vai discutir se o decreto … Continuar lendo →

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La cyberattaque : un monstre à plusieurs têtes qui menace les sociétés du secteur des TMT

Peu de lecteurs seront étonnés d’apprendre que les risques de cyberattaques sont élevés parmi les menaces qui pèsent sur les entreprises du secteur des technologies, des médias et des télécommunications (TMT). Classement des risques juridiques et réglementaires par les sociétés … Pour lire la suite →