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Tom is the London-based Practice Leader, Integrated Risk Management, where he focuses on aerospace, oil and gas, mining, and power. A former risk manager, Tom has extensive experience in the defense, biotechnology, chemicals, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, and medical device sectors. He is also an expert on supply-chain risk.

The Automotive Sector Continues to Suffer from Supply Chain Issues

Supply chain issues are once again in the spotlight after media reports have emerged that owners are angry at having to wait months for supplies of critical car parts. Continue reading →

Horsemeat Contamination in the Supply Chain

The horsemeat food scandal in the UK underscores the need for supply chain insurance products which provide adequate protection for quality issues. Continue reading →

Emerging Supply Chain Risk of 2013: Does Your Supply Chain Hold Reputational Risks?

Emerging Risks

It has been interesting to watch newly created heads of sustainability and corporate responsibility in major global companies taking a strong interest in supply chain risk. Continue reading →

Hurricane Sandy Will Reveal the Cost of Poor Supply Chain Management

Satellite photo of Hurricane Sandy on October 29, 2012. CREDIT: NOAA/ NRL Monterey Marine Meteorology Division

Once the full extent of the damage from Sandy is analysed, I have no doubt we will see large business interruption (BI) losses and again we will see many cases of inadequate and ineffective supplier coverage. Continue reading →

What Tohoku Taught Us About Supply Chain Risk

The 2011 Tohoku disaster revealed prevalent misconceptions about supply chain exposures. Continue reading →

Emerging Supply Chain Risk of 2012

Supply chain interruption cannot be considered as an emerging risk anymore, but it is rapidly evolving in terms of its scope, the level of suppliers affected and what causes it. Continue reading →

Scariest Supply Chain Risk: Mission-Critical Supplier Going Bust

Supply chain disruption is new Nightmare on Lime Street. Continue reading →

All Talk, No Action on Supply Chain Risk

There is there is a great deal of enthusiastic talk about supply chain interruption--but very little action I fear. Continue reading →

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O Que Tohoku Nos Ensinou Sobre a Cadeia de Suprimentos

Um ano depois do terremoto seguido de Tsunami de Tohoku 2011, há muita coisa a considerar. Tragédias humanas a parte, as empresas globais tem sofrido como um resultado de interrupções na cadeia de fornecimento em massa. De acordo com o … Continuar lendo →