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The Future of Air Travel: Two Stories of Where and How

airplane landing

Predicting the growth of commercial passenger air travel is a tale of two skies: one over the developing world, the other over the developed. Developing World: Strong Growth In the developing world, air travel is taking off , literally and … Continue reading →

New Eyes in the Skies – and New Risks to Manage

Odd, white, windowless airplanes. Small, spider-like camera carriers. The drones, of course, are here now, much debated as weapons of war and under development as a package delivery method by at least one of the world’s largest online retailers. Continue reading →

Meeting Transportation’s Challenges Head-on to Avoid a Future Collision

Top 5 Countries' Spending on Inland Transportation Infrastructure investment and Maintenance, 2007-2011

Throughout human history, transport has been the backbone of global growth and innovation. From the 18th-century railways that enabled US expansion out West, to Felix Baumgartner’s jump from the stratosphere, transport has fed humanity’s passion for expanding its boundaries. Continue reading →

Communicating Risk: “Safety Dance” Makes People Watch

Virgin America Safety Dance

We’ve all been there. The aisles of the plane are busy as you try to get to your seat while carrying your bag, your phone, your boarding card and all manner of other stuff. With so much going on, to … Continue reading →

North American Insurance Buyers Facing Improved Market Conditions

Marketplace Realities: 2014

Property insurance rates are coming down, and the upward rate pressure on many other lines of business is easing. This is the word from Willis North America’s Marketplace Realities, the longstanding semiannual publication predicting price movement and key trends for … Continue reading →

Our Scariest Aerospace Risk – Variety of Risks

Scariest Risks

The vast majority of people have an inherent fear of the unknown and the first time of dealing with a situation. The aviation industry has had to deal with host of unknowns and first-time incidents from 9/11: out of control … Continue reading →

Video – Aerospace Marketplace: The View from 30,000 Feet

Steve Doyle talks with WillisTV about the Aerospace Marketplace

We are going through a particularly benign loss period in the aviation insurance market. There has been $500m worth of losses in the first eight months of this year and just over $1bn worth of losses last year. Compare that with a five-year loss average of $2bn and you get two excellent years for underwriters. With premiums down overall 5% this year it looks as if these conditions are set to continue. I spoke to Willis TV about my view of the aviation insurance market as well as what it will take to significantly shift the market. Continue reading →

Benign Aviation Market Makes for Happy Buyers

Airplane Landing at Sunset

The airline insurance market is as stable as people can ever remember. Abundant capacity, low loss levels and minimum exposure growth means that it remains a buyers market. We reported all this recently in our latest Airline Market Update. Continue reading →

Aerospace Insurance Remains a Buyers’ Market

Turbo Jet Engine

As the latest Willis Aerospace Aviation Products Market Review reveals, the Aerospace market remains a buyers’ market in every sector. Continue reading →

Video: Safety Record of U.S. Airlines Not Adequately Reflected in Insurance Pricing

Global Aerospace (blue)

The wave of consolidation in the U.S. airline industry, has meant fewer clients being chased by the same number of insurance markets—although this is not necessarily translating into better deals from insurers, despite the outstanding safety record of U.S. airlines. Continue reading →