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The risk manager of the future

Some people miss the good old days. I don’t. I’ve been around since the days when business was done on a napkin with people who were more like buddies than business partners and yes, when the deal was done, there … Continue reading →

Special Report: Adapting to Climate Change

WillisWire Special Feature: Adapting to Climate Change

A new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group warns that no one on the planet will be untouched by the damaging effects of global warming in coming decades. While public policy and government intervention can … Continue reading →

Adapting to Climate Change: Agriculture


One of the areas hit hardest by changing global weather patterns is the agricultural economy, particularly in developing nations who are believed to be the ones most exposed and vulnerable to the effects of climate change. The publication of the … Continue reading →

Agriculture and Food Insecurity: Taking Action in Response to IPCC


No one on the planet will be untouched by the damaging effects of global warming, according to the latest report from the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). One of the areas hit hardest by changing global weather patterns is … Continue reading →

Scariest Risks of 2013

Scariest Risks

Halloween season always puts us in a dark frame of mind here at WillisWire, reflecting not on ghosts and goblins but on all the scary risks we help our clients prepare for.  This year, 18 of our bloggers submitted the … Continue reading →

Managing Farm Safety and Risk Exposure

Two Cute Cows

Contrary to the idyllic vision of golden haystacks and green pastures (and cute cows), farms are inherently dangerous. Every year, thousands of farm workers are injured and hundreds more die in farming accidents. And according to a recent study, farm-related … Continue reading →

Podcast: Weather Risk Management

WillisWire Podcasts

In WillisWire’s latest podcast (duration 10:17) I explain how the weather risk market has developed recently and what new types of solutions are available.   Podcast: Play in new window | Download (3.6MB) Continue reading →

Horsemeat Contamination in the Supply Chain

The horsemeat food scandal in the UK underscores the need for supply chain insurance products which provide adequate protection for quality issues. Continue reading →

Food Security: Reaping the Benefits of Agri-Insurance


There is no doubt that agricultural insurance is big business. A recent report from Swiss Re estimates that global agricultural premiums in 2011 were USD 23.5 billion. To put this into perspective, airline premiums in the same year totalled around … Continue reading →