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Could an Earthquake Cause the Next Financial Crisis?

On January 17, 1995, an earthquake struck the Japanese port city of Kobe, killing 6,500 people and destroying $100 billion worth of property and capital. Five weeks later, Barings Bank was declared insolvent after admitting losses of $1.3 billion, twice the … Continue reading →

Big Data: Is it all just Big Jargon?

Big Data

A colleague recently shared with me an amusing article regarding the phenomenon we know as “Big Data”. As a technical person, I could empathise with many of the author’s observations and share the view that many of us feel that … Continue reading →

U.S. Insurers Need to Get Ready for ORSA


Slowly, but surely, and without a lot of fanfare, U.S. insurance regulators have been orchestrating a sea change in their interaction with companies over solvency.  Not as dramatic as Solvency II in Europe, but the U.S. changes are actually happening … Continue reading →

Russian Meteor Begs the Question: Can we Prepare for Asteroid Strikes?

Recently, I met scientists from Imperial College London to discuss whether or not climate change in the Artic is increasing the risk of landslide-triggered tsunamis in the UK. One of those very low-frequency, high-impact risks. Wait for it… Continue reading →

What Risks Will Emerge in 2013?

Emerging Risks

We look ahead for the risks businesses should prepare for in 2013. Read their predictions and vote for the one most likely to affect your business this year. Continue reading →

Resiliency vs. Fragility

Is there really a choice?  Who would choose to be fragile over resilient? Continue reading →

Risk Insights from Space

The insurance industry is on the brink of a data deluge thanks to the imminent launch of several new Sentinel satellites that could bring a huge increase in the volume and quality of useful information available to underwriters and risk … Continue reading →

Risk Attitude and Risk Management – How we Fail to Agree About Risk


What's your risk perspective and how does your risk attitude match with your experience of risky situations? Continue reading →

Our Scariest Analytics Risk – Science Threatened

Scariest Risks

It's a major concern that scientific opinion is now coming under serious legal challenge. Continue reading →

Solvency II – It’s Groundhog Day Again….

Groundhog Day for Solvency II

Yes, in Insurance World it is Groundhog Day again. Solvency II has been delayed. Again. (OK not yet officially but more or less a cast iron 100% certainty). Continue reading →