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Our Scariest Security Risk – Catastrophic Acts of Violence

Scariest Risks

Acts of senseless, catastrophic violence—shootings causing multiple fatalities and injuries—have occurred in shopping malls, restaurants, fitness centers, movie theaters, places of worship, military bases, grocery stores, summer camps, schools, nursing homes, and places of employment. They are my scariest security … Continue reading →

Hurricane Sandy Likely to Trigger a Significant Volume of Commercial Property Claims

Hurricane Sandy - Oct 28 (satellite view) PHOTO CREDIT: NASA

Hurricane Sandy, a storm that forecasters say is on a scale with little precedent on the East Coast, is likely to trigger a significant volume of commercial property claims, according to experts in our claims practice.  “Given the size of … Continue reading →

Experiencing a Crisis

WIllis Crisis U video

You’re meeting with senior management when you receive a call that your financial institution’s networks are down. Hackers are claiming credit and the press is demanding answers. What do you do? This is the dilemma we presented to participants in … Continue reading →

Protecting the Campus Community: Managing the Risk of Sexual Misconduct

Empty Swing

No matter what the details of the case may be, any act of sexual misconduct can have devastating consequences for both the victims and the organizations. Continue reading →

Is Your Company Liable for Employees’ Distracted Driving?

Texting While Driving

The proliferation of company-issued wireless devices may expose companies to liability from distracted-driving accidents by their employees. Continue reading →

I of the Storm: How to Prepare for Protesters


Big events and recent successes invite protesters--is your business prepared for the violence or damage that might ensue? Continue reading →

Crisis Communications and the “It’ll Never Happen to Me” Strategy

News Conference

Having a crisis communications plan could be critical to your company's balance sheet. Guest blogger Jeffrey Seibert of Willis' Strategic Outcomes Practice explains how to tell if yours is ready. Continue reading →

Protecting Your Fine Art

Van Gogh Sunflowers (detail)

Helpful pointers for insuring and caring for your fine art, by guest blogger Sharon Kimmel, Quality Assurance & Compliance Officer for Willis Personal Lines. Continue reading →

Employee Safety: Dealing with an Aging Workforce

Aging Workforce

As employers embrace an increasingly aging workforce, it can be helpful to periodically re-examine work facilities to promote safe, efficient work performance. Guest blogger David Barry of Willis Casualty Risk Control provides some helpful tips. Continue reading →

Hadden Case Brings Interpretation of Medicare Secondary Payer Act

Medical Reimbursement

As courts begin to weigh in on enforcement of MMSEA provisions, one major case with implications for protecting Medicare/Medicaid is last November's Hadden case. Continue reading →