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Our Scariest Architectural Risk – being over and above the standard of care

Scariest risks 2014

An architect and engineer’s greatest exposure is by far his or her professional liability/errors and omissions. The good news is that a properly drafted A&E professional liability (PL) insurance policy should cover the design firm for everything it does as … Continue reading →

Scariest Risks of 2014

Scariest risks 2014

As risk advisors, WillisWire bloggers tend to think less of ghouls and goblins during the Halloween season than of the frightening real risks our clients face. This year they faced more than their share of new ones, with ISIS, Ukraine, … Continue reading →

How Architects Can Manage Condo Risk

condo architect

In my last blog I presented an overview on why condo projects are one of the—if not the —riskiest of all project types when it comes to claims against design professionals. This follow up blog post provides some practical risk … Continue reading →

Why Condo Projects are the Riskiest of All

condo construction

Most insurance carriers that specialize in architects and engineers’ professional liability (PL) would agree that condominium projects are one of, if not the most, hazardous project types when it comes to claims against design firms. Continue reading →

Rate Reductions of Up to 30% in Construction, Property & Casualty

Willis CPC: Property Rating Trends, 2014 Q1-2

Following an unconventional 1st January treaty renewal season, the big question on the lips of corporate buyers and their advisers is how much of this reinsurance cost reduction will insurers pass on to them? Continue reading →

Brazil’s World Cup Construction Woes – Insurance Implications

Arena de Sao Paulo Stadium, Brazil

For the World Cup, Brazil has poured $3.6 billion into stadiums alone; not forgetting the additional costs spent on other important constructions, such as the renovation of airports and rail infrastructure. With just days until kick off, builders are in … Continue reading →

Supplanting Another Consultant


The interruption of a consultant’s service can create significant liability exposures for both the design firm(s) being replaced and the firm(s) taking over. Continue reading →

Using Documentation to Reduce A&E Professional Liability Risk

Architect documentation

When it comes to managing professional liability risk, documentation is one area all design firms need to take very seriously. Continue reading →

Contracts From Hell: Negotiating Design Professional Agreements – Part 2

Disputing Contract

This post will focus on negotiating specific clauses and assessing those “deal makers” and “deal breakers” every design professional should understand and address before signing on the dotted line. Continue reading →

Contracts From Hell – Negotiating Design Professional Agreements (Part 1 of 2)

Pointing at Contract

All architect and engineering firms are faced with the same dilemma: Most owner-drafted agreements, if executed without modification, would put their firm at serious financial risk. Continue reading →