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Video: Cyber Trends and Reaction to the SEC’s Cyber Guidelines

Tom Srail interviewed by Colleen McCarthy at RIMS 2013

Last week I had the chance to chat with Colleen McCarthy of WillisTV about trends in the cyber marketplace. To sum up, things are busy in the world of cyber insurance. Lots of claims are coming in and lots of … Continue reading →

EU beating CA in the Data Protection Stakes? No Way Dude.

European Data Protection

In seemingly never-ending “Beat My Data Protection Law” match, the EU is debating a proposal for comprehensive reform of the existing EU data protection framework which will apply across all 27 EU Member States.  This is a Regulation not just … Continue reading →

European Cyber Market Set for Growth

eye viewing digital content

As South Korea investigates a suspected cyber attack that hit its major banks and broadcasters this week, the need for companies to adequately address their cyber risk has never been clearer. Continue reading →

Medical Records + Growing Regulation = Greater Risk

Lost Laptop, Security Breach

Imagine the following scenario: Your employee recently secured a new laptop. While in transit to a client site, he stops for a quick bite at a sub shop. When he returns to his car, he finds his windows broken and … Continue reading →

Presidential Cybersecurity Executive Order: What Does this Mean for my Cyber Insurance?

Cyber Security

On Tuesday, the White House announced the President’s Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Executive Order.  Much is being written and discussed about the order, and experts are already offering different reactions to it.  This article won’t discuss whether the Order stopped … Continue reading →

Cyber Risks: The Warnings are There, Now it is Time to Act

Cyber Crime

Companies are still not dedicating enough time to developing their cyber risk mitigation strategies according to a recent report by the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA). Despite 76% of respondents stating that information security and privacy had become … Continue reading →

Top 10 U.S. Executive Court Cases of 2012

Ten Court Cases of 2012

Each year we look for the U.S. cases—court awards and settlements—that are likely to change the liability landscape in the coming year and beyond – in the areas of corporate governance, cyber exposures, employment practices, professional and fiduciary liability. Continue reading →

Emerging Reputational Risk of 2013: Insidious New Reputational Risk of Social Media

Emerging Risks

History is littered with examples of businesses that have been struck by reputational risks—the Perrier water example is oft quoted in management training programmes. Continue reading →

Emerging Security Risk of 2013: Death by Cyber

Emerging Risks

The legitimate potential for cyber-attack upon the United States’—or upon any country’s—infrastructure, and businesses will continue to be a major risk in 2013 and well beyond. Continue reading →

What Risks Will Emerge in 2013?

Emerging Risks

We look ahead for the risks businesses should prepare for in 2013. Read their predictions and vote for the one most likely to affect your business this year. Continue reading →