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Video: How Will New SEC Guidance on Cyber Disclosures Affect the Cyber Liability Market?

Dark Technology

Our cyber risk expert explains the implications of the SEC's recent guidance on cyber disclosure in this video from the RIMS convention floor. Continue reading →

Boards Need to Wake up to Cyber Threats and Liabilities

Hand Shadow Over Keyboard

There is a whole universe of potential cyber risk not understood at a board level, and company directors must wake up to cyber threats or risk litigation from all sides. Continue reading →

Emerging Terrorism Risk of 2012

Emerging Risk

As has been evidenced by the recent cyber-attacks that brought down the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and Israeli national airline El Al, cyber terrorists can be technologically advanced and capable of executing attacks on diverse targets. Continue reading →

Emerging Financial Institutions Risk of 2012

Emerging Risk

In an age when data and information are moved electronically, one dissatisfied individual can wreak havoc on a corporation, institution or a government. Continue reading →

Managing Risks to Cyber, Staff, and More in Financial Times Special Report

Financial Times Special Report: Risk Management

The global risk landscape gets riskier and harder to navigate for corporate leaders. Willis experts share their insights in an FT Special Report Risk Continue reading →

SEC Guidance on Cyber Attack Disclosure: A Game Changer?

Virus Detection

With little uniformity and much confusion, the SEC's new cyber attack guidance would be welcome news, were it not for its extensive, specific information. Continue reading →

Scariest Financial Services Risk: Data Breach

The Scream, by Edvard Munch (1893)

Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of financial managers like the phrase “data breach.” Continue reading →