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Business Interruption Values – Avoiding Miscommunications and Misunderstandings

business interruption

Accurately measuring and presenting business interruption values is a critical part of an organization’s pre-loss planning process. When faced with a catastrophic event—whether  a natural catastrophe such as a hurricane or earthquake or a human-caused catastrophe such as an act … Continue reading →

Negative Interest Rates: Turning the Banking System Upside Down?

banking upside down

Did you ever imagine having to pay money to keep your savings in a bank account? No? Well, in these times of extremely low interest rates, a new reality is rapidly approaching. As some of the European central banks have … Continue reading →

Shake-up of UK Healthcare Charges Could Catch Expats and Their Employers Unawares

medical tourism

Medical tourism to the United Kingdom has been a controversial topic for many years, and according to an official report from the National Institute for Health Research, visitors and short-term migrants cost the National Health Service (NHS) £2billion a year. … Continue reading →

Hungary Dispenses with Corporate Veil of Protection for Directors

Every now and then a country which hasn’t historically featured strongly (or at all) on the D&O liability risk register emerges blinking into the hot sunshine. Last month it was the turn of Hungary, which on March 15th 2014  introduced … Continue reading →

Ukraine Update

Sloviansk, Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine remains fluid, tense, and poised for a further escalation in violence that directly challenges the weaknesses of the Ukrainian state in the approach to the Presidential Elections on 25th May. The past eight days has seen … Continue reading →

Ukraine Crisis: A Nordic Perspective

Ukrainian troops

The threat of economic sanctions imposed by Europe and the U.S. on Russia in response to the Ukrainian crisis is a cause of growing concern amongst risk managers in the Nordic region. Continue reading →

In Alternative Dispute Resolution, Is Silence Really Golden?

silence is golden

Is silence really golden? Not as far as the UK Court of Appeal is concerned. In the context of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), one needs to shout from the rooftops that not only will you consider mediation, but you’ll actively engage in the process. Continue reading →

You And Whose Army?

D&O, directors and officers insurance, Ukraine, insurance, risk,

Ukrainian insurance companies, in common with other insurers in the new fledgling States of what used to be the USSR like Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, are turning their minds to the potential market for D&O insurance. A most basic and yet … Continue reading →

Environmental Financial Assurance: The Compulsory and the Voluntary in a Stressed Economy

environmental liability insurance, pollution event, site closure, compulsory closure surety bonds, economic downturn, bankruptcy, insolvency

In these times of economic downturn in Europe, governments and environmental authorities are increasingly concerned about operators not being able to foot the bill for site clean ups when a company is declared bankrupt. Take the French Government for example, … Continue reading →

Latest Developments in Turkey Could Leave Gaps in Coverage

Gezi Park Protests, Taksim Square, Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey is in the midst of the biggest anti-government street protests since Islamist-leaning Justice and Development Party (AKP) took power more than a decade ago. But after being elected to his third term two years ago with 50% of the … Continue reading →