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Video: Notes from Monte Carlo 2012 Part 1 – Reinsurance and the Capital Markets

Yet another Monte Carlo Rendezvous has been and gone – I’ve attended every year for a full decade – and the themes and messages remain as similar as ever. Market capitalisation, how reinsurers have recovered following the catastrophes of 2011, … Continue reading →

Russia Joins the WTO. Now What?

Russia joins the WTO

On August 22nd, the Russian Federation finally became the 156th member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Now, the hard work begins as the Russian government must continue to adapt its legal and economic sectors to the WTO requirements. Continue reading →

Farepak: A Silver Lining for the Directors but a Dark Cloud for the Banks

Lawbook and Glasses

Remember the collapse of Farepak in October 2006 and the resulting furor when over 100,000 customers lost deposits to secure their Christmas and other food and retail vouchers? A lot of that outrage was directed at the board of Farepak … Continue reading →

The UK Riots: One Year On

One year on from the UK Riots I spoke to Willis' UK Retail experts about the complex insurance claims that resulted. Continue reading →

The Issue of Disclosure: Insurance Law Reform


In June the English and Scottish Law Commissions issued a final consultation paper dealing with a policyholder’s duty of disclosure in a business context.Last month the English and Scottish Law Commissions issued a final consultation paper dealing with a policyholder’s duty of disclosure in a business context. Continue reading →

Video: Transitions, Delays and Uneven Fields of Solvency II

I recently sat down with Sarah Robson from the Willis Communications team to talk about the conflicts life insurers face as they prepare for Solvency II, why implementation is not a level playing field across Europe, and why I’m not … Continue reading →

The Eurozone Crisis: What Buyers Should Be Thinking About

With the Eurozone crisis still looming large, I spoke to Communications Director Sarah Robson in a WillisWire video interview recently about some of the key issues. Continue reading →

Report Bolsters Certainty of UK Renewable Energy Future

Back in January, I wrote a blog titled Emerging Renewable Risks of 2012, where I discussed the uncertainty of renewable energy globally. I’m happy to report that a recently published Crown Estate study shines some light on the subject of … Continue reading →

The Bribery Act Gets Off to a Slow Start

UK Bribery Act

With the Bribery Act’s main prosecuting authority distracted, it is perhaps not surprising that the only successful prosecution involving the Bribery Act so far in the UK has been brought by the Crown Prosecution Service. Continue reading →

The Three Biggest EU Challenges for General Counsel

Courtesy of Ann Longmore, I spotted a recent report of the 2012 European General Counsel forum held in London last month and hosted by Consero Group.  The three most pressing issues for European in-house lawyers identified by that forum were … Continue reading →