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Our Scariest Health Care Risk – Ebola Outbreak

Scariest risks 2014

I remember back to the simple days of being a hobo, or a clown or our favorite cartoon character for Halloween, wearing those claustrophobic plastic masks that never kept the eye holes where you could see (Casper the Friendly Ghost- … Continue reading →

Our Scariest Energy Risk – Geo-Political Disruption to Oil Supplies

Scariest risks 2014

From an energy industry perspective, the dual geo-political threat of disruption to oil supplies from both Russia and the Middle East is in many ways the ultimate scary risk. Clearly, the main impact on the energy industry would be on … Continue reading →

Our Scariest Avatiation Risk – Air Travel Crippled by Terror and Disease

Scariest risks 2014

At this scary time of year we celebrate our fear of things that the vast majority perceive as “far-fetched”. It is perhaps the fear of the unknown that is most worrying. The global terror threat has decided that the high … Continue reading →

Ebola Virus Now a Threat to Global Peace and Security

On Thursday 18th September, the Ebola outbreak in West Africa officially mutated, in the eyes of the United Nations and the President of the United States, from being a medical emergency to a threat to global security. In the words … Continue reading →

Does Africa Remain a Top Emerging Opportunity for Business?

Africa in Nutshell

Does Africa remain a top emerging opportunity for business? Where are the next BRIC opportunities? Are corporations ready? Are Ebola and Boko Haram deal breakers? Continue reading →

Managing Risk in a Post-WWI World

It is fascinating as we mark the one hundredth anniversary of the start of World War I to view the impact of that massive historical event through the filter of modern multinational corporations.  So much of the current global instability … Continue reading →

Is Risk Changing or is it All in our Heads?

All in your head

Accurately identifying and prioritising risk is crucial for business success and, more specifically, to help risk managers decide on investment priorities. Establishing a rational, dispassionate view of risk helps with making a more informed decision about how to treat that … Continue reading →

Video: RIMS Day Three, With Willis North America CEO Todd Jones

RIMS: Todd Jones interview

Summing up the thousands of conversations at RIMS 2014, Todd Jones, CEO of Willis North America, returned to the word “resilience.” As every conference attendee was reminded by the devastating tornadoes that ripped through the southern U.S. this week, the … Continue reading →

Video: RIMS Day Two, With Deputy CEO Steve Hearn

RIMS: Steve Hearn interview

One of the effects of economic globalization is the extension of the supply chain on a global scale for businesses of all kinds—including those that may not see themselves as global companies at all. Continue reading →

Video: RIMS Day 1, With CEO Dominic Casserley

RIMS: Dominic Casserley Interview

The risks that businesses face today are becoming more complicated, more interrelated and more difficult to manage. That is one of the key underlying themes at RIMS 2014 in Denver, according to Dominic Casserley, CEO of Willis Group. Continue reading →