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Disruption in Insurance Placement

trading desk

In a past feature on the WillisWire I explored the idea of electronic trading and insurance brokers beginning to use platforms and algorithms to advise their placement activity. The pace of this development is picking up remarkably and insurance companies, … Continue reading →

Video: Taking Placement to New Places

Janet Pane interview about placement

Risk management is a lot more than insurance placement – you hear that all the time in our world, and it’s truer every day.  But placement is still huge, and I was glad for the chance to catch up recently … Continue reading →

Big Data: Is it all just Big Jargon?

Big Data

A colleague recently shared with me an amusing article regarding the phenomenon we know as “Big Data”. As a technical person, I could empathise with many of the author’s observations and share the view that many of us feel that … Continue reading →

Podcast: Insurance and Technology

WillisWire Podcasts

In our latest podcast, Alastair Swift, Chief Executive Officer, Willis Global Placement, and Jonathan Prinn, Chief Operating Officer, Willis Global Placement, explore how technology is fundamentally changing the way brokers can serve their clients and offer risk transfer solutions. … Continue reading →

The Eurozone Crisis: What Buyers Should Be Thinking About

With the Eurozone crisis still looming large, I spoke to Communications Director Sarah Robson in a WillisWire video interview recently about some of the key issues. Continue reading →

The Big Bang for the Insurance Industry?

Algorithms might be the only way forward for the insurance industry, writes Jonathan Prinn, COO of Willis Global Placement. That's why we developed WillPLACE. Continue reading →