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Are Cargo Insurance Policies Still Fit for Purpose?

As we celebrate the recent visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Lloyd’s to mark its 325th anniversary, it is also an opportunity to consider if the market is continuing to evolve and meet the needs of our clients in modern … Continue reading →

Ukraine Crisis: A Nordic Perspective

Ukrainian troops

The threat of economic sanctions imposed by Europe and the U.S. on Russia in response to the Ukrainian crisis is a cause of growing concern amongst risk managers in the Nordic region. Continue reading →

The Capture of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán

The high profile and dramatic capture of “El Chapo” marks a significant victory for Peña Nieto’s administration’s strategy on tackling drug trafficking organisations. However, it could also herald a shift in Mexico’s criminal landscape and prompt a series of swift … Continue reading →

Ukrainian Unrest

After a brief respite in violence, at least 77 people including a number of police and journalists are reported to have been killed over the past few days in renewed violence in Ukraine’s capital Kiev. This period of hostility was … Continue reading →

Marketplace Realities 2014: Rising Rates for Terrorism and Political Risk

world in crosshairs

No doubt there’s a certain satisfaction when the marketplace predictions we make in October start proving right in February. But it’s hard to celebrate when those predictions called for rising prices for our clients. That’s what we predicted in the … Continue reading →

North American Insurance Buyers Facing Improved Market Conditions

Marketplace Realities: 2014

Property insurance rates are coming down, and the upward rate pressure on many other lines of business is easing. This is the word from Willis North America’s Marketplace Realities, the longstanding semiannual publication predicting price movement and key trends for … Continue reading →

Regional Implications of the War in Syria

Mourners toss rice as Lebanese army soldiers and relatives of Corporal Taleeb Mama carry his coffin and wave Lebanese national flags during his funeral in the Alawite Jabal Mohsen neighbourhood, in Tripoli, northern Lebanon, June 25, 2013. A picture of Syria's President Bashar al-Assad is seen in the background. The Lebanese government will try on Tuesday to secure the country after the deadliest violence since the start of a two-year conflict in neighbouring Syria that has pushed Lebanon's myriad militia to clashes. The army said 12 soldiers were killed in Sidon where troops stormed the mosque complex of hardline Sunni cleric Ahmed al-Assir. A medic told Reuters that 22 bodies had been pulled from the mosque complex. REUTERS/Stringer

The scope and scale of the civil war in Syria is widening, shifting dramatically from its roots in 2011 into a protracted conflict that encompasses the entire country. Continue reading →

Egypt and Tunisia – an Unquiet Transition

Fighting terrorism in North Africa

As violence continues in Egypt and, more unexpectedly, Tunisia, I have noted some similarities between the two developing situations. Continue reading →

Egyptian Protests Increase in Fervour

egypt, Tahrir square, President Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood, Adli Mansour,

As tensions mount in Egypt after the deaths, this morning, of at least forty-two of the Muslim Brotherhood in confrontation with the military, the violence associated with Egyptian politics makes settlement elusive. Continue reading →

Egypt Unrest Could Cultivate Radical Militancy

Morsi, Eypt, Tahrir Square, Cairo,

As Egyptians of all political and religious hues reflect on the events of the last week – culminating in the military deposition of Mohammed Morsi and the installation of Adli Mansour as Interim President – the future of political Islam … Continue reading →