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Egypt Swears in New Interim-President

egypt, Tahrir square, President Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood, Adli Mansour,

Following the failure of President Morsi to reach a political settlement by the deadline of July 3 set by the army he was deposed and is believed to be under house arrest with a significant number of key members of the … Continue reading →

Latest Developments in Turkey Could Leave Gaps in Coverage

Gezi Park Protests, Taksim Square, Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey is in the midst of the biggest anti-government street protests since Islamist-leaning Justice and Development Party (AKP) took power more than a decade ago. But after being elected to his third term two years ago with 50% of the … Continue reading →

Tensions Mount on the Korean Peninsula

The bellicose rhetoric from North Korea in the past two weeks has been extraordinary, prompting concerns that the authoritarian regime is ready and willing to launch an attack. To date however, with the exception of an intensification of military exercises … Continue reading →

The Rise of Resource Nationalism in Mining

Government Mining Map

Resource nationalism is on the rise as governments of resource-rich countries increasingly wise up to new forms of intervention in order to gain a greater share of the proceeds from strategic projects. Continue reading →

Mexican Drug Trade Fuels Continued Violence

Stratfor: Areas of Cartel Influence in Mexico

Beleaguered security forces’ attempts to dismantle cartels and encroach on their vast territories are failing to stem the proliferation of violence in Mexico. Continue reading →

Dissent and Unrest Continues in Egypt

The second anniversary of the beginning of the uprising that led to the overthrow of the Mubarak regime in Egypt brought violence, rather than celebration, to much of the country on 25th January 2013. Continue reading →

Political Risk: No Man is an Island

No Man Is An Island

One of the interesting if unexpected consequences of the global economic crisis is the effect it has had on the English language.  The expression ‘contagion risk’, once the preserve of the medical industry, is now frequently used when discussing the … Continue reading →

Argentina Nationalizes YPF – Who Should Worry?

Argentina's nationalization of YPF can only serve to dampen future foreign direct investment in that country. Should other foreign investors there worry? Continue reading →

Emerging Trade Credit Risk of 2012

From ominous rumblings in Iran to a full-blown crisis in the Eurozone, two potentially mega political-economic risks are brewing in the trade credit arena: trade disruption and a lack of availability of credit. Continue reading →

Video: Loss and Opportunity of the Arab Spring–What Business and Insurers Can Expect in 2012

As the Arab Spring that erupted in Tunisia earlier this year continues to spread across the Middle East, Paul Davidson, Chairman and Chief Executive of Willis Financial Solutions reviews the impacts of the uprising so far and provides his analysis of what we might expect as we enter 2012. Continue reading →