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Five Bucket ERM

Forget about risk registers and risk models. What you really need is a good risk bucket system. Continue reading →

Video: Notes from Monte Carlo 2012 Part 1 – Reinsurance and the Capital Markets

Yet another Monte Carlo Rendezvous has been and gone – I’ve attended every year for a full decade – and the themes and messages remain as similar as ever. Market capitalisation, how reinsurers have recovered following the catastrophes of 2011, … Continue reading →

Enterprise Risk Management in Lean Times

working under a tight budget

The good news for risk managers is: since times have been tough, company management is listening to your message. The bad news for risk managers is: since times have been tough, there’s not much budget for anyone, let alone an area with no hope of new revenue generation. So risk managers are being asked to do more and more with less and less. Here are some tips on how to meet expectations without crashing the budget. Continue reading →

Developing a Flexible Enterprise Risk Management Program

The development process for a new Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) system is often disconcerting to experienced business managers. With most new projects the standard approach is to completely define a project in advance and them implement the plan. When that … Continue reading →

Video: Transitions, Delays and Uneven Fields of Solvency II

I recently sat down with Sarah Robson from the Willis Communications team to talk about the conflicts life insurers face as they prepare for Solvency II, why implementation is not a level playing field across Europe, and why I’m not … Continue reading →

Keeping the Flame of Solvency II Alive


Like a certain quadrennial international sporting event, preparations for Solvency II should be in their final stages--the torch relay if you like--but the torch keeps going out. Although the direction is pretty well set, there is still squabbling over the route the torch should take. The date of the main event has been set although many doubt the flame will get there in time. As it is, the rules of the main event are still being argued over should we ever get there. Continue reading →

Using Geo-Spatial Data to Model Flood Risk (and More…)

Flooded Street (red sign)

With UK homes and business suffering from another round of summer floods government advisors say we can expect more of the same over the next 20 years if climate change predictions are accurate. Continue reading →

To Manage Your Enterprise Risk, Start with a Risk Profile

Risk profile is one of the primary areas of focus for good Enterprise Risk Management programs. Risk profile is a view of all the main risks of a firm, which allows management and other audiences the chance to compare the … Continue reading →

David Cameron Supports British Insurers Over Solvency II, LOL

Cameron promises backing to UK insurers in the ongoing Solvency II negotiations to ensure that the new European regime doesn't put Britain at a disadvantage Continue reading →

Solvency II Averts Waterloo – This Month’s 2nd Biggest Surprise?

Two big European surprises in just a couple of days:  firstly, news breaks that in a desperate attempt to avoid another “null points” scenario, veteran crooner Engelbert Humperdinck has been brought back to represent the UK at the Eurovision song contest.  … Continue reading →