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Retail: Is there opportunity in uncertainty?

people walking down the street with purses and shopping bags with umbrellas

As a retailer, your view of the sector likely depends on several variables. How you’re embracing the continued growth of online shopping and automation across the value chain, how you’re adapting to rising operating costs while sharing in your consumers’ … Continue reading →

Life after Brexit? Risks and opportunities for U.K. retailers

Rising inflation, less favorable exchange rates, higher import costs…these are but some of the challenges facing U.K. retailers in the post-Brexit world. As part of a series of updates on the effects of Brexit on various U.K. industries, Willis Towers … Continue reading →

The risk manager of the future

Some people miss the good old days. I don’t. I’ve been around since the days when business was done on a napkin with people who were more like buddies than business partners and yes, when the deal was done, there … Continue reading →

Managing Digital Risks in the Retail World


The retail sector has been revolutionised by developments in the digital world, opening up a whole new way to access consumers through better quality data capture. It has also led to improved technology and efficiency both in-store and operationally. However, … Continue reading →

Preparing for a Terrorist Attack: 6 Simple Steps for Retailers

Shopping Mall

A recent video released by militants has called for strikes on shopping centres — including Oxford Street and the two Westfield malls in London, the Mall of America in Minnesota and Canada’s West Edmonton mall. This threat shows no sign … Continue reading →

Retailers Shopping for Cyber Coverage Face Tight Market

Shoppers aren’t the only ones feeling the jitters after the recent string of high-profile cyber events at large retailers. The cyber insurance marketplace is nervous, too. Underwriters are evaluating retailers with increased scrutiny, and upward pricing pressure appears to be … Continue reading →

Cyber Criminals Continue Onslaught on Global Retail

key in motherboard

Through the development of new and more advanced malware, cyber criminals are becoming ever more focused on the volume and nature of data held on retailers’ IT systems. The attack on the U.S. retailer Target in late 2013 has led … Continue reading →

POS Systems and P.O.S. Hackers: How Much Cyber Insurance is Enough for a Retailer?

targeting retailer registers

It’s been about 2 months since the first of the stories broke on the multiple large-scale hacking attacks in the retail sector.  The target in this recent round were the “Point of Sale” systems, the computers and card/pin pads formerly … Continue reading →

Retailers Exposed to the Elements: How Risk Solutions can Soften the Blow of Unseasonal Weather

The coldest March for 50 years has left the UK shivering, with many businesses in particular suffering significant decline in revenues as the unseasonal cold snap dictates consumer behaviours and people generally stay indoors. Continue reading →

How to Keep Cyber Incidents From Ruining Your Holiday Season

Cyber Holiday

The loss of even a single day’s business to a cyber-incident can be costly enough, but if it occurs during the holiday season—when you might expect to take in  70% of your annual revenue—it can be ruinous. So as we … Continue reading →