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The Automotive Sector Continues to Suffer from Supply Chain Issues

Supply chain issues are once again in the spotlight after media reports have emerged that owners are angry at having to wait months for supplies of critical car parts. Continue reading →

Contract Manufacturing – Beyond Products Liability

Pharma Manufacturing

It is no surprise that more and more companies are looking to outsource all or at least a portion of their manufacturing processes to leverage unique manufacturing advantages around the globe. Continue reading →

Podcast: Is ERM a Failure?

WillisWire Podcasts

During the recent financial turmoil many of the worst-affected companies had developed what they believed were robust and sophisticated ERM capabilities, so why were they not prepared to cope with the crisis? Podcast: Play in new window | Download (3.9MB) Continue reading →

Supply Chain Risk in a Turbulent World

Anchor Chain

The combination of subject matter expertise and wide practical experience underpinned by solid evidence, historical understanding and deft chairmanship produced a stimulating and instructive Willis Breakfast Briefing on Wednesday, June 19. Continue reading →

Horsemeat Contamination in the Supply Chain

The horsemeat food scandal in the UK underscores the need for supply chain insurance products which provide adequate protection for quality issues. Continue reading →

Emerging Supply Chain Risk of 2013: Does Your Supply Chain Hold Reputational Risks?

Emerging Risks

It has been interesting to watch newly created heads of sustainability and corporate responsibility in major global companies taking a strong interest in supply chain risk. Continue reading →

What Risks Will Emerge in 2013?

Emerging Risks

We look ahead for the risks businesses should prepare for in 2013. Read their predictions and vote for the one most likely to affect your business this year. Continue reading →

Our Scariest Brazilian Risk – Cargo Transport in Brazil: A White-Knuckle Ride

Scariest Risks

The statistics in the Brazilian cargo transport market are really scary. Many companies need to transport products within Brazil, whether import or export, but the risks are high for vehicles on Brazil’s roads, increasing the insurance and the goods carried … Continue reading →

Hurricane Sandy Will Reveal the Cost of Poor Supply Chain Management

Satellite photo of Hurricane Sandy on October 29, 2012. CREDIT: NOAA/ NRL Monterey Marine Meteorology Division

Once the full extent of the damage from Sandy is analysed, I have no doubt we will see large business interruption (BI) losses and again we will see many cases of inadequate and ineffective supplier coverage. Continue reading →

One Year Later, Thai Floods Still Teach us Supply-Chain Lessons

Helicopter survey of flooding in suburban Greater Bangkok during the 2011 Thai Floods

At an estimated US$ 15 billion of insurable losses, the 2011 Thai floods are likely to rank as one of the most costly natural catastrophes. Unlike other nat cat events, a significant portion of these insurance claims are related to losses suffered far from Thailand, by companies that outsourced their supply chains to this low-cost manufacturing centre. Continue reading →